Support to Young Artists from Factoring Company

Support to Young Artists from Factoring Company
03 August 2018

Support to Young Artists from Factoring Company

In 2017, Tam Factoring turned the demand for 27 thousand different customers into TL 1.9 billion and grew by 97% in the first half of 2018. Raising the R & D Center without completing a year, the company started to support young artists under the name Sanat Tam Faktoring Sanat.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Providing fast and effective solutions to the financing needs of SMEs, Tam Faktoring has turned 27 thousand of 55 thousand customer requests into 2017 and reached a volume of TL 1.9 billion. Reaching 20,000 active customers in the first six months of 2018, the company grew by 97% compared to last year. Tam Factoring decided to expand its R & D center, which was the first among the non-bank financial institutions, and was certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, before the first year, and moved it to its new office. The opening of the new R & D center, which will host the works of young artists under the roof of yapıl Tam Faktoring Sanat ”, was held this week with the exhibition yeni The Beginnings yeni by the sculptor Dinçer Güngörür. The goal is to host many young artists' exhibitions throughout the year.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the rate of unrequited transactions fell to 0.35%.

Da We see ourselves as a Fintech company with a factoring license, iyle said Kunter Kutluay, General Manager of Tam Factoring, at the opening of the new office of the R & D center, underlining the fact that they grew up with artificial intelligence and robotics technology. Our R & D Center, in collaboration with Yıldız Technical University, MEF University and Özyeğin University, continues to work on customer analytics, risk analytics, differentiation and fraud prediction. We receive approximately 3 thousand requests a day and we use these technologies with only 4 people. Most of the evaluations are done by KIOS (Redi Intelligence Automation System) software developed by our center. Thanks to this system, we encounter an improper operation of 0.35%. With the number of users over 20 thousand, our mobile application san Ask Tam uyguna sorgu allows you to quickly and easily check your check, learn the check risk status you have questioned and its compliance with the financing in only seconds. With our R & D efforts, we also aim to bring projects that will bring sectoral competition to the forefront by adding added value to the country's economy. Ar

"Despite 60 factoring companies, we serve 28% of the customers."

Turkey, which records 32% growth over last year and 60 in the factoring market in which the company takes place, 28% of the active customer transactions carried out by full factoring. These ratios Turkey's most extensive customer network with a factoring company stating they are from the Full Factoring Technology Deputy General Manager Hakan Karamanli "We are growing on average 20% for 12 consecutive quarters. The year 2018 is the year of collecting the fruits of our investments in this period. Today, we provide service with our 33 branches and more than 250 customer representatives in 21 different provinces. 2.5% of checks in circulation process in Turkey sees us. 50% of our customers are younger than 2 years and 20% are female entrepreneurs. 

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About Full Factoring

Established by the Actera Group in 2011, Tam Factoring provides fast and effective solutions to the financing needs of SMEs. 9.5% of its shares The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) company has reached a distribution network of 33 branches in 21 cities and 20 thousand active customers with its fast growth strategy. Tam Factoring R & D Center approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in September 2017 is the first among non-bank financial institutions. In 2016, Tam Factoring was selected by the international CIO magazine as yıl one of the 100 companies that made the most effective contribution to the business by using technology in the world Tam. In 2017, Hakan Karamanlı, the Assistant General Manager in charge of Technology at Tam Faktoring, won the an Premier 100 Technology Leadership Award ında of Computerworld magazine.