New technologies that give early warning save lives in the fight against COVID-19!

New technologies that give early warning save lives in the fight against COVID-19!
04 June 2020

If not paid attention to social distancing, 1 person can infect about 406 people a month. itelligence Turkey, which focuses on eliminating risks arising from social distancing where there is an obligation to work or be present together in the transition to the new normal, has developed an artificial intelligence-based contact detection and alert solution based on image recognition and scanning technology.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to the study of the University of Massachusetts Amherst; a patient with the coronavirus can transmit the disease to about 406 people a month if he does not pay attention to social distancing. Itelligence Turkey, SAP's Global | Platinum Business Partner, has implemented an artificial intelligence based contact detection and warning solution based on image recognition and scanning technology, recognizing the importance of social distancing, especially during the transition to the new normal. With intelligence Turkey aims to eliminate the risks arising from social distancing in places where factories, hospitals, schools, hotels, markets and airports are obliged to work or be found together, to protect employees' health and to prevent companies from financial losses due to various sanctions.

With, which can be easily integrated into many stand-alone solutions and works with pay-as-you-use model and has no additional costs or termination fees when not in use, companies can detect real-time social distance violations through cameras such as production areas, and provide instant, daily and weekly alerts to relevant people. It can instantly trigger decision mechanisms by detecting collective violations in certain areas with heat maps and analyzing historical videos. In addition, while providing full integration to existing reports, it can access valuable information with its advanced reporting feature and immediately intervene in possible risks. Thus, the safety of the workplace is protected by protecting the health of the employees, and at the same time, it contributes to the development of social distance directives within the company.

Stating that due to the coronavirus, special attention should be paid to social distancing both in individual and in companies, itelligence Turkey CEO Dr. Abdülbahri Danış said, “Although the effect of the virus is reduced, undoubtedly, maintaining the social distance is one of the precautions to be taken for precautionary purposes. Especially in the process of transition to the new normal, it is inevitable that these measures will come up a lot in business life. At this point, following new technologies and trends closely; cloud platform in artificial intelligence, IOT, we had blockcha and RPA field of new technologies, which is one of the leading companies in the business ideas into working products on the it.saf to the solution as itelligence Turkey & social life. Considering that we have passed through a period when software and technological structure are more important than ever, with our artificial intelligence-based contact detection and warning solution based on image recognition and scanning technology, we have exceeded the distance limit determined in places where employees have to work or have to work together intensively. and we aim to prevent the spread of the disease. In the second phase of the solution, we will also be able to detect violation of mask use”

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