Teyit’s incubation program that aims to prevent misinformation begins

Teyit’s incubation program that aims to prevent misinformation begins
02 June 2020

The Factory program, organized by the verification platform Teyit to prevent the misinformation problem, has taken the first step of the 2020 period. In the program where solution projects against misinformation were produced, two teams were entitled to participate in the incubation process. The six-month incubation program will start on 1 July 2020.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Verification platform Teyit, which analyzes the accuracy of the information on the internet based on open sources, has taken one of the important steps of the Factory program that it carries out to reproduce and support actors who produce alternative solutions to the problem of misinformation in the media and information ecosystem. The Bootcamp of the program, organized for the second time this year and carried out with the support of Impact Hub Istanbul, was designed to develop a business model with solution-oriented and sustainable ideas with the support of mentors, was held online in May due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Six teams among 35 applications were accepted to the program as a result of the jury evaluation, which included entrepreneurs, academics and media professionals. The teams named Turnusol from Ankara and Geppetto from Eskişehir were entitled to participate in the incubation program that Teyit will launch for the first time this year, among the participants who had the opportunity to discuss the problem of misinformation and develop alternative solutions at the Idea Development Workshops held in Eskişehir and Ankara. The six-month incubation program will begin on July 1, 2020.

Two different technological solutions are developed against misinformation

Two teams, Turnusol and Geppetto, who are entitled to incubate within the scope of Teyit's Factory 2020 program, work for two different solutions by benefiting from the power of technology. While the Turnusol team consisting of two people develops an algorithm that can predict fake news in the media by using text mining and machine learning methods, the Geppetto team, consisting of three university students participating in Eskişehir, aims to create an unchangeable, transparent and decentralized network by using blockchain technology for accurate information.

Projects will be supported by grants and consultancy

Turnusol and Geppetto teams, who are accepted to the six-month incubation program, will continue their work with the support provided by Teyit until December 2020. Both teams will be granted an initial grant of five thousand lira for use during the establishment phase, while access to the Teyit and Impact Hub networks will be provided. In addition, teams will be offered consultancy support for business development for six months.

Stating that their support will continue in the coming years, Semih Boyacı, one of the co-founders of Impact Hub, who has undertaken Program design and facilitation said, “As one of the leading social initiatives in Turkey, Teyit's vision of supporting other initiatives that can contribute to the solution of this fundamental problem is very valuable. It is also very important for successful and influential social enterprises to support new teams that can contribute to their sectors in business development processes in order to increase social benefit and to spread social entrepreneurship. Being part of the Factory program as the Impact Hub meant a lot to us working closely with the affirmative team to design a thematic incubation program.”

The main purpose is to create a community that fights with misinformation

Teyit founder Mehmet Atakan Foça emphasized that his main goals with Factory are to become a community with people and groups who want to develop different solutions to the same problem as well as strengthening the struggle with false information. Foça said, “We are pleased to have launched the incubation program that will take on the role of a leverage in the media ecosystem of 'Teyit'. We will continue to support all teams involved in the program. Factory is a growing community. We see every team that strives to tackle information disorder as part of the new information and media ecosystem we want to create. This information ecosystem is based on accurate information, fair access to information, transparent information sharing, and collaboration. We hope to meet with those who dream of this ecosystem in Factory in the coming years.”

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