The first export train with Marmaray reached Germany

The first export train with Marmaray reached Germany
28 May 2020

Mars Logistics became the first company to use the Marmaray line in international freight transport and reach Europe.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Mars Logistics added the Marmaray line to rail transport on May 15, the first company to achieve this in Turkey. With Marmaray, the first export train reached Duisburg, Germany.

Moving from Eskişehir Bozüyük with 19 wagons and 34 containers, the train passed through Marmaray between 15 May 01: 10-01: 37. Ceramic, white goods, rubber and cleaning materials were carried on the train. Following the route Halkalı, Kapıkule, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria and arriving in Duisburg, Germany, the train used national wagons produced in Turkey.

“Marmaray will eliminate problems on the highway”

Mars Logistics Board Member Gökşin Günhan said in a statement that they are proud to be the first company to incorporate the Marmaray line into the transportation network and that he thinks the sector will shift more and more to intermodal and rail transportation services. Günhan said, “As Mars Logistics, we have always been environmentally conscious. We have included the Marmaray line in our time-saving, carbon dioxide-reducing rail transport services. Our first export train from Turkey to Europe departed on 15 May and our train reached Europe.”

“Coronavirus once again showed the importance of railway”

Underlining that Mars Logistics will continue to transport the loads to Europe in a more environmentally friendly manner by continuing to use the Marmaray line, Günhan stated that they aim to reduce the transportation problems with the benefits of rail transport. Emphasizing the importance of learning lessons from the teachings of the coronavirus, Günhan said, “We had a Business Continuity Plan before the coronavirus pandemic, but the pandemic showed us more clearly the importance of rail and intermodal transportation, which saves time in intensity and delays in the border gates in road transport.”

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