Turkey's cybersecurity awareness was tested: 80 percent of users are unaware of cyber attacks

Turkey's cybersecurity awareness was tested: 80 percent of users are unaware of cyber attacks
28 May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has increased internet usage and remote working times. Turkish cyber security products manufacturer Berqnet Firewall tested the cyber security knowledge of internet users with the “Turkey Cybersecurity Awareness Contest”. According to the results of the contest, 80% of users are unconscious against cyber attacks, while 55% are unaware of GDPR.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Social isolation measures are taken within the scope of the coronavirus pandemic also increased internet access and time spent in digital media with the effect of remote work. In this process, Berqnet Firewall, a manufacturer of cybersecurity products that acts to determine how safe users are when they spend time on the internet, organized a cybersecurity awareness contest in Turkey. IT professionals from all over Turkey, company owners and young people who want to work in the IT industry-tested titled “How safe are you?”. In the test results, 80% of the users were unconscious about the phishing attacks, and 65% of them were found to lack knowledge in creating a strong password.

The users who say “nothing happens to me” are in the majority

Participants in the Turkey Cyber Security Awareness contest were tested on a range of subjects, from cyber attack types to strong password detection, from technical information to criminal sanctions. The question about fishing attacks was the most incorrectly answered question with 80%, followed by the technical information question about secure URL addresses with 70%. The question about strong passwords was answered incorrectly by 65%.

In the evaluation of results of General Manager of Berqnet Firewall Hakan Hintoglu said, “Based on the incorrect response rates to questions, our findings suggest that the vast majority of internet users do not have enough information in the face of cyber threats and are too confident with the idea that ‘nothing will happen to me.’ However, simple measures such as knowing about fishing attacks, checking if the URL is secure at critical addresses such as banking, and creating strong passwords rich in characters, numbers and letters are of great importance in preventing cyber threats that could cause us to suffer material and moral losses.”

At least 50% of SMEs do not have enough information about legal obligations

Another remarkable point revealed by the results of the competition was the lack of knowledge of users regarding legal obligations. According to the results, it was determined that 53% of the participants did not know that the companies providing internet service are obliged to record all the traffic on their internet networks. In the event that a business that does not register its internet access records in accordance with the law is committed over the internet network, the penalty of the business owner was another important issue that was not known by 55%.

Stating that these results indicate that SMEs should be made aware of legal obligations, Hintoğlu said, “Laws such as Law No. 5651, which is applied to prevent cyber crimes committed over the Internet, and Personal Data Protection Law (Law No. 6698 - GDPR), which increases its importance day by day, it covers the measures that SMEs should take regarding cybersecurity and penal sanctions to be applied if these measures are not taken. However, our results, unfortunately, show that half of the SMEs do not have enough information about their legal obligations. It is vital for companies of all sizes to take necessary precautions and use firewall devices and antivirus programs as soon as possible.”

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