Physical offices will be replaced by virtual offices in the new normal

Physical offices will be replaced by virtual offices in the new normal
27 May 2020

The remote working model was well-liked by the public. According to global research, 3 out of every 4 employees state that the remote working model is much more beneficial in terms of factors such as productivity, stress and transportation time. It is predicted that this change in the way of doing business will bring virtual offices to the fore instead of physical ones.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected business life and initiated a process of change as well as many other areas. Within the scope of the social isolation measures taken, hundreds of thousands of companies started to work from home against the risk of contamination in office environments. According to the data shared by eOfis, which examined Coworking Insights' '2020 Future of Work' report; 74% of employees worldwide say that the remote working model is much more beneficial in terms of factors such as efficiency, stress, cost savings, social life and transportation. 55% of the employees said that in the new normal period, instead of physical offices, they will use more boutique collaboration areas that comply with the social distance rules, and will prefer virtual offices when they need to show addresses. It is predicted that a significant number of companies in Turkey and around the world will increase their remote work force in the new normal period that will start with the control of the pandemic and will prefer virtual offices with co-working areas that can be used in case of need instead of the physical offices that are used.

Aims to increase its market share by 150%

According to the data compiled by eOfis, 53% of those who experienced the remote working model for the first time stated that they wanted to continue their business life remotely. Expressing that before the COVID-19 pandemic, companies and SMEs preferred virtual offices to save costs and traffic, eOfis Co-Founder Özkan Kaliç emphasized that the workforce, who had the opportunity to work remotely for the first time, would become a necessity in parallel with the satisfaction with this model. Özkan Kaliç said, “The remote working model, which was a preference before the outbreak, became a necessity for most employees during the pandemic process. As eOfis, which hosts 2% of the companies in Turkey today, our goal is to reach a 5% share, while physical offices are no longer essential, with the new period in which the ways of doing business and labor policies will be reconsidered.”

New question in mind: Do you need a physical office?

Regarding the question of “Is there a need for a physical office” that occupies the minds, Özkan Kaliç responded that the employees in the pandemic process performed more efficiently than where they were without the need for a physical office, and that physical offices will partially lose their need in the new normal period. Özkan Kaliç said “The presence of employees in physical offices under pandemic conditions is at risk for both social isolation and hygiene rules. At this point, virtual offices that offer workspaces that can be used in case of need, especially for corporate companies using the ‘sleep office’ system, provide their employees with the opportunity to work in close places and not in one place. Virtual offices also stand out in terms of employee efficiency, employer's cost savings and continuity of measures. Virtual offices are already ready to replace physical offices, with the opportunity to provide official addresses, especially with common workspaces that can be used as needed, and services such as call, e-mail and cargo management. As eOfis, we host approximately 6000 institutions in 37 locations, and we are working to help as many sectors as possible in their integration into the new normal period.”

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