Social distance and occupancy will be managed with sensors in factories, schools, shopping malls and restaurants.

Social distance and occupancy will be managed with sensors in factories, schools, shopping malls and restaurants.
21 May 2020

As the whole world tries to adapt to the new conditions amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the social distance rule is of great importance for public health, such as the number of people in a location, the temperature of the environment, air quality, etc. Sensor-based technological solutions developed to combat the pandemic will control the social distance rule in public areas and instantly warn those who violate.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The COVID-19 pandemic, in which the total number of cases exceeds 5 million, is entering a new phase across the world. In countries where the pandemic is under control and its contagiousness decreases, it is necessary to comply with the use of masks and social distance rule to prevent the re-spread. While how social distance is regularly measured in areas such as factories, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants has raised questions in minds, the solution has again come from technology companies

NetOP Technology company, which develops solutions through the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, has provided solutions to monitor the social distance rule in many points from the monitoring of fuel consumption of red buses in London to the early warning system for forest fires in Canada. NetOP Technology, which develops sensor-based technologies, has many interesting products, from table occupancy rate sensor to body temperature sensor, sensors measuring the air quality of the environment, sensors that measure how many people are in the indoor area, social distance wristband and smart distance alarm sensor.

Alarms activated for those who do not comply with social distance

Social distance, which is specified by the Ministry of Health as the most important rule to be followed during normalization, is of vital importance to prevent public health and the re-spread of the virus.

Especially in markets and market places where social distance is lost from time to time, the developed sensors measure the interpersonal distance in real time and activate audible and light alarms in cases of violation. At the same time, warnings are given in case of non-observance of social distance with other people with whom the person shares the indoor area with the social distance wristband.

Occupancy sensors at work in cafes and restaurants

In addition to social distance in closed areas, occupancy rate is another issue to be considered. At this point, new inputs will be prevented by measuring the number of active people in closed areas with the sensors developed. In areas such as cafes and restaurants, necessary alerts are provided by following the occupancy rate and social distance at the tables. Employees contacting hundreds of customers a day in the developed sensor technology were also not forgotten. With the smart distance alarm sensor, the distance between employees and customers will be regularly monitored and a warning will be given in case of violation.

Home quarantine under control with IoT technology

A large proportion of COVID-19 patients are being treated at home due to the mild course of the disease. With the StayHome sensor, one of the IoT solutions, it is possible to monitor whether quarantine rules are followed or not. Sensors preferred for the patients in the risk group as well as the patients under treatment; It has a small, waterproof and long lasting battery that cannot be removed while it has a removable strap. If it is cut and discarded, it warns the authorities.

The body temperature sensor, developed for other people at risk, such as healthcare professionals, lonely residents, nursing home guests, and drivers working in public transport, measures the body fever, which is the most common symptom of a new type of coronavirus, by periodically measuring it.

“We are proud to provide the solutions for the fight against Covid-19 to the Turkish market”

NetOP Technology, based in the Netherlands, which exports IoT-based technologies to more than 50 countries, aims to expand its IoT-based solutions in Turkey and all over the world through the partnership of Detaysoft, the largest SAP Business Partner in Turkey with 100% Turkish capital.

Turkish engineers indicating Covidien-19 combat solutions developed by that they are proud to bring you the Turkey market Detaysoft General Manager and NetOp Technologies Managing Partner Alka Aksoy, the words continued as follows: "Iota solutions we provide safe and stay healthy, especially when interacted with other shopping centers, An important issue in the agenda of the whole world, which tries to get used to the new normal, including schools, factories, hospitals, airports and workplaces. In addition to offering these solutions, we, as Detaysoft, have also been developed in many fields such as Industry 4.0 transformations, smart cities, smart airports, smart agriculture, smart logistics, starting from smart health applications within the scope of Covid-19 measures, which is our most important agenda today, in cooperation with NetOP Technology. We carry out end-to-end turn-key projects, from the design of the sensors to the production, from management platforms to layers of artificial intelligence where data is analyzed. With our R&D center approved by the Ministry of Industry and our domestic technology solutions, we are focused on software export with TÜBİTAK projects and university collaborations. “

Stating that they are proud to bring the solutions developed by Turkish engineers to combat Covid-19 to the Turkish market, Detaysoft General Manager and NetOp Technologies Managing Partner Alkin Aksoy said, “The IoT solutions we offer to stay safe and healthy are an important issue on the agenda of the whole world, which is trying to get used to the new normal, especially shopping malls, schools, factories, hospitals, airports and workplaces where others interact. Besides offering these solutions, as Detaysoft, again in cooperation with the NetOP Technology, today, our most important agenda Covid-19 measures within the scope of smart healthcare applications, starting from businesses, Industry 4.0 transformation, Smart Cities, Smart Airports, smart agriculture, smart logistics, such as the sensor developed in many areas from design to production, from artificial intelligence to data management platforms where the layer was analyzed end-to-end turnkey projects we carry out. We are focused on software exports with our R & D center approved by the Ministry of industry and with our domestic technology solutions, TUBITAK projects and university business associations.”