“Coronavirus caused artists lose on stage, earn on digital”

“Coronavirus caused artists lose on stage, earn on digital”
20 May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic negatively affected the music world as well as many other industries. While many concerts were canceled within the scope of the measures taken, digital platforms came to the help of artists who could not appear on the stage. During this period, there was a 25% increase in the number of listeners and a 22% increase in digital music revenues.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Social isolation measures taken within the scope of the coronavirus outbreak have adversely affected the art world and especially musicians. While many concerts were canceled as crowded events increased the risk of transmitting the virus, musicians moved their concerts to digital platforms. While the stage revenues were almost disappeared in this process, many platforms such as Instagram and Youtube, which were preferred by citizens who listen to stay home, supported musicians. DJ and Producer Oğuzhan Koçaklı announced that the number of listeners on digital platforms increased by 25% and digital music revenues by 22% with the free time that occurred during the pandemic period. It is envisaged that this acceleration gained will bring radical changes in the music world in the new normal period and digital platforms will be the main income door of the artists.

The pandemic allowed the discovery of new styles and artists

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of listeners and new subscribers of digital platforms increased, so the works of musicians began to be discovered faster. Stating that accelerate the discovery of new music for the opening of the use of social media intensive use of and Instagram music feature in Turkey, Oguzhan Koçaklı said, “According to people more routine prior to the outbreak outside of music preference whether style often did not come. But people should stay at home period exceeding two months to discover new genres and artists "We see productive reflections of these discoveries in the music world as well. While we see a 25% increase in our audience, there are similar increases in digital platform revenues. Also, new audience recruitment statistics reveal that there is a 50% difference.”

"The new musicians will normally have digital environments"

Stating that after the pandemic process, where it is possible to produce and share music only in digital channels, digital media will become a necessity rather than an alternative for music, Oğuzhan Koçaklı said, “Work done at home as a hobby can be easily transferred to digital platforms and presented to different people. The number of artists who became famous and professionalized with the pieces they shared on social media is increasing day by day. However, the pandemic process has become essential for all artists who are active in the music market, who can see their digital platforms, which are seen as an effective alternative, especially for amateurs who are on the road, both to perform their art and maintain their income. The new stage of the musician will be digital in the new normal period when crowded audience cannot come together in the fields for a long time.”

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About Oğuzhan Koçaklı:

Oğuzhan Koçaklı, who released his first infrastructure album Miracle in 2011 and started to reflect his amateur music pleasure to professional life after this process, released Game Over in 2012, Night Shift in 2013 and Soul of Music in 2015. In the same years, he took part in the music market with his singles and EP works named Quietness, Time for Madness, Heart Beat, WhatsApp, Feel and Change. Performing joint works with many musicians, Koçaklı is currently preparing infrastructure music for Hip-Hop artists, series and films. He is currently working on his album RUH, which he plans to release at the end of 2020.