Prepare for a prehistoric adventure with StoneAge World MMORPG

Prepare for a prehistoric adventure with StoneAge World MMORPG
19 May 2020

 New Queue-Based mobile MMORPG Now Opened for Pre-Registration on the App Store and Google Play

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Netmarble Corp introduces Stone Age, the internationally known game to the west. Now it's time to return to the Stone Age with this prehistoric turn-based and pet-picking MMORPG game for mobile devices! Those who pre-register to download StoneAge World from the App Store and Google Play will also receive prizes at the opening.

StoneAge World is the turn-based redesign of the Stone Age online RPG that is internationally successful. In the prehistoric era, the role of the strong warrior "Trainer", whose role is to protect the region with domesticated animals in Tectonika territory. While defending Tectonika from the future Machine Civilization threat, players can discover, add and train more than 250 animals, from Dinosaurs and Hairy Mammoths to more domesticated than iconic prehistoric animals, Pigs and Wolves.

“In Korea, Stone Age first started online only. With the variety to date, the game has been open for more than 20 years and has seen more than 200 million players, and we are excited that this brand as MMORPG has come to the global market” said Joint Sun Chang, Executive Producer of Netmarble. “The dinosaur and prehistoric animal encyclopedia of StoneAge World, combined with the colorful visual aesthetics of the game, is perfect for those looking to grow and develop online with powerful creatures in prehistoric regions.”

The following awards will be given to everyone who pre-registered to StoneAge World until it is released:

  • The currency of StoneAge World is 1,000,000 Stones for anyone who pre-registered on the official website.
  • Additionally, for those who pre-registered from the App Store and Google Play, 50,000 Shells, StoneAge World's special currency.

On the pre-registration website, players can also look forward to celebratory events that include:

  • Pet Gift Event - Players will be sent pet ready for publication. By logging into the official website and collecting tickets or sharing event news with Facebook once a day, players can open new pets using 5 tickets. By completing all missions, they can purchase 13 tickets at once
  • Catch Mini Game - Players who successfully catch pets will be able to purchase 10 event tickets

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