Baklava orders broke a record

Baklava orders broke a record
18 May 2020

The interest in ready baklava and pastry increased as Ramadan Feast approaches. While there was an increase in terms of take-out services due to the pandemic, the highest orders from abroad came from the Middle East countries this year, followed by Greece.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - As the Ramadan Feast is only a few days ahead, there is a huge increase in baklava orders. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, guests cannot be hosted during the holiday, but it is stated that the demands for sending gifts and household consumption have increased. There is a huge demand for baklava, which is identified with Turkey, from many regions of the world as well as domestically. While the Middle East countries were at the top of the list this year, Greece, where baklava discussions were experienced, the Netherlands and Germany, where expatriates were concentrated, shared the third place. Mehmet Izol, founder of Izol Baklava and Börek, which started his activities 44 years ago in Adana, said, “We have been continuing full capacity production for a long time and we are trying to raise orders. There is a 5-fold increase in baklava orders compared to last year. Our take-out baklava and pastry service, which we have been carrying out for years, has gained a different dimension with the demands received this year.”

“Home-made service closes the deficit in Baklava in retail”

Stating that thousands of orders will continue to be delivered in 81 provinces in the 10-day period remaining for the Ramazan Feast (Eid al-Fitr), Mehmet Izol said, “Many companies in the food industry had a hard time due to the coronavirus outbreak. We have also been unable to accept customers within the scope of measures taken against the outbreak in over 80 branches all over Turkey. Under these restrictions, we have announced tray baklava and pastry service to the houses that we have been carrying out for years, as Izol Baklava and Börek, to a large segment with our campaigns this year. While we were responding to the intense demand that came in this period when the branches were closed, we did not make our branches and franchise investors victimized.”

International adventure of baklava will be strengthened by investments

Currently, dealers as well as Azerbaijan in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Kosovo, Qatar, Mehmet stating that Germany and dealers in Australia, Isolated, "The number of our dealers has increased in the near abroad in recent years .. In addition, our efforts in order to bring baklava and other Turkish delights strangers in progress . We will contribute to our manufacturing plants in Kosovo and Azerbaijan with our new production facility in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Especially, we will meet the demands for baklava and pies coming from Europe from here. We will also respond to the needs of our branches in Europe quickly here. ”

Mehmet Izol Stating that there are branches in Azerbaijan, Greece, Croatia, Kosovo, Qatar, Germany and Australia as well as Turkey, Mehmet Izol said, “The number of our branches has increased in recent years in the near geography. In addition, we are working on bringing baklava and other Turkish delicacies together with foreigners. We will contribute to our factories in Kosovo and Azerbaijan with our new production facility in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will meet the demands of baklava and burrito, especially from Europe. At the same time we will respond quickly to the need of our branches in Europe from here.”

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