Wainer released ‘New Beginnings’ commercial

Wainer released ‘New Beginnings’ commercial
17 May 2020

The Swiss watch brand Wainer has released the ‘New Beginnings’ commercial, in which it calls for rediscovering all the beauties of life after the pandemic.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Believing in the power of new beginnings, the Swiss watch brand Wainer has released its new commercial ‘New Beginnings’, which invites you to explore the opportunities and innovations in life. Based on the motto “All beginnings deserve to be celebrated”, Wainer emphasizes once again the importance of being able to continue with a new and different start to life that has been disrupted for a long time with the coronavirus pandemic that affects the world, and the value of adhering to existing beauties.

Images from the short film of the famous Dutch director

The famous actor Nejat İşler gives life to the advertisement film of Wainer, which has been shown at more than 50 international film festivals of Dutch famous photographer and director Jan Van Ijken and has received many awards. Although they are in herds, a short 1-minute visual feast of thousands of starling birds flying as if dancing without hitting each other is waiting for the audience.

In the statement made by the brand about the commercial; “Starting a new day, starting a new business, stepping into a new home, perhaps a new city, embarking on new adventures with new people, exploring, pursuing dreams; It is the foundation of Wainer's ‘New Beginnings' stories and brand philosophy. Wainer positions himself as the watch of "new beginnings" in the traditional world of Swiss watchmaking, which it looks at from a different perspective. We believe that every moment in life is a new beginning and all new beginnings deserve to be celebrated, and this is how we explain why each model is a privileged study and unique.”

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