Demand for balcony glazing systems increased by 53%

Demand for balcony glazing systems increased by 53%
15 May 2020

Social isolation and curfew measures taken within the scope of the coronavirus pandemic have closed millions of people home, balconies helped the citizens who want to breathe. In this process, the demand for balcony glazing systems increased by 53%.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - COVID-19 pandemic, which started in China and affected the whole world, affected the social life especially as a result of the isolation measures taken. While the measures such as social distance and curfew taken within the scope of the pandemic caused millions of people to stay home, citizens turned to the balconies of the houses as in the old days to get air and socialize to some extent. Balconies in many parts of the world have been reflected on social media as a new address for concerts, games and coffee breaks. According to the data of the global brand Albert Genau, which provides services in the field of balcony glazing systems, the demand for balcony systems that can be opened and closed in this process increased by 53%. It is anticipated that balcony glazing systems will be at the top of the home purchase criteria in the “new normal” period that will start after the pandemic is taken under control.

“Forgotten balconies made us stay in life”

Albert Genau Chairman Adil Işıldak emphasized that it was once again revealed that balconies were a valuable and pleasant place for social life during the pandemic when citizens did not leave their homes, and evaluated the increase in demand. Adil Işıldak said, “While we cannot find time to go to our balconies in the intense pace of daily life, we see that the balconies that allow us to get some air in this difficult period we see, to see our streets and our neighbors make us smile. While some municipalities send free balcony violets to the citizens who are looking for them, violin virtuosos and music groups organize balcony concerts, and residents of the apartment play a name-city game from the balcony, and coffee tastes are carried to the balconies. Thus, as the time spent on the balconies that allowed us to stay in life increased, the need to make these areas more useful and comfortable was born. In addition to our existing glass balcony systems, we have launched our new patented system with the name of sliding glazing system, which has the principle of fully automatic operation, as a result of our R&D studies that we have been carrying out for about 2 years.”

New generation sliding glazing systems will stand out in the new normal

Stating that the balconies, which were widely evaluated during the pandemic period, will be one of the favorite areas of the citizens in the new normal period, Adil Işıldak emphasized that a new generation of sliding glazing systems, which provide advantages in terms of insulation, comfort and security, will be preferred. Adil Işıldak said, “Unlike the known glass balcony systems, the full balcony system, where panoramic glass panels can be used either open or closed without the need of a user, will be the primary choice in the 'new normal' period, and it will be the top of the house purchase criteria. It is very advantageous for these months where the social distance will be maintained with the full balcony model, air-water-wind insulation, as well as 5-layer thermal insulation compared to single-glazed balcony systems, which can be easily cleaned without sagging or staircase by putting the panels into cleaning mode. As Albert Genau, we are working to make social isolation enjoyable by offering our sliding glazing system, which we have developed, for sale at the same time in over 230 dealers in Turkey and 60 countries around the world.”

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