Online employment in the real estate industry

Online employment in the real estate industry
15 May 2020

160 people joined the RE/MAX Turkey team in April, which has taken rapid digital transformation steps against the pandemic and started online trainings. With the latest development, the total number of real estate consultants of the company has reached 3,318.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - While many sectors experiencing stagnations due to the impact of COVID-19, RE/MAX Turkey announced stunning data for April, when the pandemic was felt most intensely. This success of the company, which has responded quickly to the needs of consumers with its digital transformation moves recently, was noticed by entrepreneurs and 160 people joined the RE/MAX Turkey team in April. Together with the newly joined consultants, the company reached a total number of 3,318 real estate consultants. All demands and trainings were completed online, opening the way for digital employment in the coming period.

Consultant trainings were held online

Stating that it is very important to be able to offer career opportunities in a difficult time in terms of employment, RE/MAX Turkey Regional Director Murat Goldstayn said, “While we are recruiting real estate consultants, we have a training model that evaluates candidates through physical interviews and completes the process with classroom trainings. Because class trainings could not be organized with COVID-19 process, we organized 3 days of class training through ZOOM. We used the ‘Waiting Room’ feature to ensure the safety of people and educational content via ZOOM. They were included in the training class after online training completion check and name check. The first training was held on 25-26 April 2020 with a record attendance of 140 people. A total of 160 people joined RE/MAX, with 20 returning to the sector.”

“We will break a record in online employment in May”

Stating that they will break another new record in May, Murat Goldştayn said, “Online trainings attended by 140 people also witnessed colorful squares. New RE/MAX members who entered the education from their homes were included in this education with their children. It is invaluable to be able to hope for people in a difficult process. We believe that we will renew our record with our training that we will repeat at the end of May. We are very happy to offer people career opportunities during this period when unemployment has reached record levels worldwide.”

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