Demand for hair care products increased 3-fold during the pandemic

Demand for hair care products increased 3-fold during the pandemic
14 May 2020

Within the scope of the coronavirus measures, hairdressers, beauty salons and clinics were closed, and personal care processes were moved to homes. While online shopping is preferred for the provision of personal care products, research has shown that the demand for products such as soap and shampoo for hair care has increased by 300%. It was evaluated that this increase in hair care was caused by disruptions in hair transplantation processes and stress-related hair loss.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Measures such as social isolation and curfew taken within the scope of coronavirus increased the time spent by the citizens at home. Citizens who prefer more personal care in their spare time preferred online shopping to provide personal care products. Research on online shopping has revealed that the demand for soap and shampoo has increased by 300%, especially in this process where hair care has come to the fore. Burçin Deniz Özkan, the founder of, pointed out that the main reasons why citizens turn to hair care intensely are the hair transplantation disrupted by the closure of the kinetics that stop the service during the pandemic process, and the subsequent maintenance processes and stress-related hair loss.

Our hair is affected by negativity very quickly

Stating that environmental effects, stress, genetics and many other factors are effective on hair health, Burçin Deniz Özkan, founder of, emphasized that hair was negatively affected by anxiety experienced in the coronavirus period. Özkan said, “In times when anxiety is carried to higher levels like pandemic, our body becomes sensitive just like our psychology and especially our hair can react in the long term in an area of ​​intense stress, and it may become sparse. The demand increase we observed in hair remover shampoos and serums as confirms this situation. On the other hand, the interruption of hair transplantation operations and the closure of hairdressers are also effective in moving people, especially hair care, to other personal care processes that want to feel good."

It is safer to continue personal care at home

Social distancing and individual hygiene measures will continue to be vital in the new normal period, which will start with the control of the coronavirus in Turkey as in the whole world. Stating that new clinics, beauty salons and hairdressers begin to serve normally and it is safer to meet the needs for personal care at home, Özkan said, “In today's technology, many personal care can be done in the comfort of home with the development of professional products and easy provision via online stores. As, taking into account that hygiene and social distance rules will play a more critical role for a long time, we can easily handle many products from hair serums to eyebrow and eyelash care sets, beard mustache serums to shampoos to meet the personal care needs of both women and men and work to get effective results safely.”

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