Important Investment from Detaysoft in IoT Technologies

Important Investment from Detaysoft in IoT Technologies
13 May 2020

Detaysoft, the biggest SAP Business Partner of Turkey with 100% Turkish capital, invested in Netherlands-based NetOP Technology, which is among the 25 most innovative companies in the world in IoT technologies. Offering the world's first and only hybrid IoT architecture, Netop Technology aims to expand its IoT services in Turkey and all over the world in cooperation with Detaysoft.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - NetOP Technology, established by Turkish engineers in the Netherlands 2.5 years ago and quickly ranked among the 25 most innovative companies in the world in IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, SAP's Global | Platinum Business Partner received an investment from Detaysoft.

Alkin Aksoy, General Manager of Detaysoft, who made evaluations regarding the investment, stated that they are proud to present the first and only hybrid IoT architecture in the world to the companies on the smart business journey and said “IoT solutions are an important issue in the agendas of the institutions. Organizations from every industry need innovative IoT solutions to achieve high efficiency and success in new business models. In cooperation with NetOP Technology, we carry out end-to-end, turn-key SaaS (Software as a Service) projects, from design to production, from sensors to management platform, in many areas such as Industry 4.0 transformation, smart cities, smart airports, smart agriculture, smart logistics. We develop one-stop comprehensive solutions by developing IoT-based SaaS cloud technologies and integrating them with SAP. In addition, the “IoT umbrella”, developed by NetOP Technology and established to create IoT coverage in campus areas such as factories, hospitals, airports, universities, municipalities and industrial areas, draws attention with its hybrid structure and ability to collect data from long distances. Thanks to these features, it is possible to realize projects that have not been done so far in IoT and M2M projects due to both high cost and technical deficiencies.”

NetOP Technology is among the most innovative technology companies in the world!

NetOP Technology, which has been accepted from four international acceleration programs in different countries until now, has joined the world-famous technology StartUps with its successes across Europe. NetOP Technology, which was chosen among more than 500 companies in the 2020 IoT Game Changers list announced by the open innovation platform “Innovation World Cup® Series” this year, is among the top five innovative IoT companies in the world with its applications developed in agriculture category.

NetOP Technology, which has achieved many important successes thanks to its solutions developed for smart city, smart airport, smart agriculture, smart logistics, smart factories, besides artificial intelligence-based corporate solutions, IoT products are one of the largest IoT marketplaces in the world,

NetOP Technology offers turnkey solutions with over 20 years of experience and expertise, blends international certificates, patented IoT hardware architecture, over 300 kinds of IoT products, IoT device exports to more than 50 countries, patented hybrid solution capability supporting five different IoT connection types, and engineering skills in the IoT field, which are 100% domestic production.

Providing long battery life with low energy consumption, LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network | Low Power Consumption Wide Area Networks) technology, has five different areas such as LTE, LoRa, NB-IoT, Cat-M1, BLE 5.X for corporate needs. Uninterrupted data can be collected from the sensors that can communicate with the connection. The data stored in the hybrid cloud environment is processed with different artificial intelligence algorithms, contributing to the decision support mechanisms of enterprises and supporting their operations.

Offers IoT solutions to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

Stating that they produce ‘Social Distance Sensors’ and ‘Stay Home Sensors’ in order to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, NetOP Technology and founder Olcay Taysi said: “We produce IoT solutions in different areas in many countries of the world. We have implemented a solution that detects illegal electricity consumption by monitoring electricity consumption in the Netherlands. Our projects on similar solutions in Austria, Hungary and Greece continue. In the UK, 30% fuel savings are achieved thanks to driver behaviors and vehicle monitoring systems placed on famous red buses. In Buckingham Palace and Wembley Stadium, the frequency of use of toilets is monitored and cleaning services and consumption of consumables used are optimized. Through our established network of IOT in Istanbul airport in Turkey, we will be launching dozens of vertical solutions very soon. When these IoT solutions realized at the largest airport in the world are completed, it will probably be the largest IoT project in the world under one roof. We are proud to sell IoT products from Turkey to large global companies thanks to”

Measures are taken against forest fires with IoT technologies

Stating that they offer IoT-based smart solutions to a state-sponsored project in order to prevent forest fires in Canada, Olcay Taysi said, “After a 5-year R&D stage, we are trying to provide early detection of forest fires with a highly innovative solution we call Forest Capsule. The product, which is strong enough to be thrown from the helicopter to the forest area, is designed to serve for many years with a ten-year battery life. Forest Capsules; Thanks to the integrated GPS, carbon dioxide, temperature, smoke, wind sensors, the data it collects are stored in the cloud, so we provide open source for the research of universities, independent researchers, nonprofit nature conservation organizations and associations. In addition, the artificial intelligence algorithm, which works integrated with the sensors, analyzes the possible fire risk and the authorities are informed with the GPS coordinates. In the event of a fire, real-time data obtained from the sensors also provides accurate geographical location notification and ensures that the teams are directed accurately and quickly during the fire. Detaysoft with the experience and support, our success in Turkey and we aim to expand in the world.    

About Detaysoft

100% Turkish capital, Turkey's largest SAP partner Detaysoft, brings continuous innovation since it was founded in 1999 with the vision of customers' business processes with international standards. In addition to the solutions developed in its own R&D Center, Detaysoft, which offers end-to-end SAP solutions with its expert consultants in all SAP modules for the needs of its customers, pioneers digital transformation in all sectors and conducts projects that increase the business efficiency of institutions. Detaysoft, 50 members from 90 countries and 8 thousand customers in more than 10 consultants with SAP solutions serving the international community partners, VARs's United, as the only member in Turkey, is located in the steering committee. Within the scope of the Turquality support program, Detaysoft, which is among the consultancy companies in the field of informatics, accompanies more than 300 institutions that are the leaders of the sector in their smart business journey. I