Vacationers turn to isolated and contactless alternatives

Vacationers turn to isolated and contactless alternatives
08 May 2020

Tourism was one of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus pandemic; 63.7% of citizens canceled their travel and holidays according to a research. As the summer months are approaching, ‘the new normal’ holiday plans, which will start with the control of the pandemic, come to the agenda again, and the priority of the citizens will be a contactless holiday.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The coronavirus epidemic, which started in China and affected the whole world, negatively affected both social life and many sectors. While tourism and accommodation are at the top of the sectors most affected by the epidemic, the measures taken have resulted in the reshaping of their social lives. Researches revealed that 70.9% of citizens are concerned about coronavirus, 89.7% avoid crowded environments and 63.7% cancel holiday and travel plans. As in all the world and in Turkey will start with the new normals to controlling the epidemic, is expected to re-plan your vacation agenda. In the new period, where social distance will continue to be critical, it is envisaged that the understanding of vacation will evolve into contactless and isolated holidays.

Citizens favor social isolation during the holiday

In the new period that will start after the coronavirus epidemic is taken under control, besides the measures to be taken by the enterprises in the tourism and accommodation sector, personal measures to be taken in social life will also be of great importance. Sevil Albayrak Demir, founder of, stated that the main criteria of the accommodation preferences of the citizens who want to revive their delayed holiday plans with the start of the summer season will be isolation.

Sevil Albayrak Demir said, “The new way of life we ​​have acquired with the epidemic is also very effective in the choice of places for the citizens who make their vacation plans. However, although the hygiene measures are strictly applied in the enterprises where the common areas such as hotels are concentrated, it will not be enough to eliminate the worries that the majority of the responsibility will be for the guests. As a matter of fact, studies show that 88.6% of the citizens support the restrictions on common areas such as shops, cafes and restaurants. At this point, with the evolving of the concept of vacation on an isolated and contactless holiday, we predict that the trend towards the rental villas, which are allocated exclusively for the guests to stay, will increase. "

Rental villas are one of the most favorable places for contactless holidays

In the new period in which the measures will continue, the rental villas are expected to respond to the needs of citizens who want to have a holiday without contacting other guests of the businesses they stay. Emphasizing that the rental villa holiday concept, which has become very popular in recent years, is also the most suitable option for contactless holidays, Sevil Albayrak Demir said, `` While the open buffet application is removed with the new arrangements made in the accommodation sector within the scope of the epidemic, it is also risky to offer common areas and items such as pool, towel, sunbed. and it is a process that needs to be carried out meticulously. On the other hand, increasingly preferred rental villa holiday concept provides a safe holiday where only hygienic control is at guests' place, away from the risks of living areas and kitchen sections and common areas offered to the guests. In addition, private pools in all villas that are maintained and cleaned daily are used only by the guests who rent the villas. As, we offer rental villas to our citizens, where procedures are meticulously followed up in our boutique facility located in Kaş, Kalkan and its surroundings, and we aim to make them have a peaceful holiday after this challenging process. ‘'