1.5 million houses in danger in Istanbul!

1.5 million houses in danger in Istanbul!
16 August 2018

More than 13 thousand earthquakes occurred in the first 7 months of 2018 in Turkey. Although it is mandatory according to the analysis shared by Koala, 9 million houses throughout the country do not have earthquake insurance. In Istanbul, where a major earthquake is expected, 1.5 million homes are uninsured.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to the data of AFAD, 17 thousand people died in the August 17, 1999 earthquake in 1999, 8 thousand 699 earthquakes occurred in our country in the first 7 months of 2018, 13 thousand 801 earthquakes occurred in large and small. of housing in Turkey only underline that have earthquake insurance of 48.7% My Turkey CEO Bradley Du Chene, "which has unfortunately bitter memories of the earthquake topic 17.6 million 9 million of the issue, although not necessarily in Turkey still uninsured. DASK, which is built on a monthly average of 10 TL, can pay up to 170 thousand TL in a possible loss. DASK, which can be bought online in just a few simple steps, needs to think about the future in order to alleviate at least the material burden of the earthquake that caused the destruction. Online

1.5 Million Houses in Istanbul No Earthquake Insurance!
According to the data shared by; In 2012, 29.7% of 16.3 million houses were insured in Turkey and 48.7% of 17.6 million houses were insured in 2018. Thus, the insurance ratio in our country increased by 19.2% in the last 5 years. Although there is a large shot of earthquake insurance houses, Istanbul does not have more than 1.5 million houses in 1st degree earthquake zone.

The Rate of Insurances in the Provinces that Live the Earthquake Above Average
According to the analysis of the online insurance sales platform, the rate of DASK is higher in the provinces that have caused earthquake and loss of life. Turkey's history that witnessed the largest earthquake in Erzincan, 59% of the insured dwelling. While 71% of the houses in Tekirdağ and 79% in Bolu are insured, this rate is 61% in Çanakkale. Of the provinces that felt the most impacts of the 1999 earthquake, 71% in Sakarya, 57% in Kocaeli and 76% in Yalova houses earthquake insurance. Düzce, which is the most affected by the earthquakes, has the highest rate of housing with DASK. However, in Van, which has recently experienced a major earthquake, DASK housing rate is only 38%. In addition, although the seismic belt in the 1st degree in our country, the lowest rate of insurance in our city with the lowest rate of Şırnak, Hakkari with 8.3% and with 17.8% Muş.

DASK's Power Is Increasing
DASK, one of the world's most important earthquake insurances, has lost over 17 billion TL. 656 thousand new policies were organized in the last year due to the legal regulations. In addition, a total of 5 million 984 thousand 222 TL have been paid to 1463 insured persons who have suffered damage in the last 30 years.

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