Meal delivery services experienced a 45% increase in demand

Meal delivery services experienced a 45% increase in demand
05 May 2020

The door-to-door catering services, which are generally preferred for lunch in offices and workplaces, have experienced an increase in demand despite the transition to remote working model due to coronavirus.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The door catering services preferred by office workers for lunches in Turkey and many countries of the world, concentrate on home catering services with the coronavirus pandemic. The door-to-door services, which introduce the desired menus with the subscription method to the consumer within a certain program, serve food for those who do not want to leave their house during the period when social isolation measures are taken. According to the data of Mekreme, there has been a 45 percent increase in home food requests in the last month. It is stated that the concept of sterile food is the most important factor in this increase despite the decrease in the number of people working in offices. In contrast to the standard package meal distribution, the dishes that are vacuum-packed in the construction phase are served personally in boxes that maintain the temperature and purify from external influences.

“Food safety eliminates anxiety”

Stating that many problems occurred in the minds of people with the coronavirus pandemic, Mekreme General Manager Mustafa Taptık said, “With the advent of the virus, questions such as whether coronavirus is transmitted through food or if there was contact after cooking, would I become ill. Experts made detailed explanations about similar questions and emphasized that packaged foods that do not contact with air should be preferred for external orders. We have seen that the increase in demand in the feedbacks we receive from our customers is directly related to the preparation and safe packaging of the food in a sterile environment.”

“Food subscription was a great convenience for people who work from home”

Saying that those who continue to work from home do not have much time to eat, Mustafa Taptık said, “Those who want to eat healthy but continue to work from home also benefit from door service. In addition, those who fast due to Ramadan request food at the door for both iftar and sahur and do not bother to prepare food. With the recipes prepared by our food engineers, we deliver hot and reliable food to those who want a healthy diet.”

"Our investments will reach 10 million TL"

Stating that the door-to-door food model will be preferred by more people in the future, Mustafa Taptık said, “As Avrasya Catering, we crowned our 22-year experience in the food industry by launching Mekreme. In this process, we also closely followed the eating habits of the consumers. We have equipped our team experienced in food safety and taste with fast food delivery to the door. We carried out the entire process from the preparation of meals to the distribution to subscribers with our own resources. In addition, as a result of the demands and returns we received, we made an investment decision of 5 million TL in infrastructure and technology. In the next period, we will add another 10 million TL, which we will provide from our own resources.”

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