Online job interviews increased by 300% during the pandemic

Online job interviews increased by 300% during the pandemic
05 May 2020

Worldwide, 36% of companies continue to recruit during the coronavirus pandemic. As part of the measures taken, job interviews were moved to digital media. According to the data of, the most hiring is done in the IT and technology sectors from online interviews, which have increased 3 times in the last month.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The measures taken against the coronavirus pandemic caused companies to move many processes to digital media. One of the most remarkable changes in this process was in recruitment. Research has shown that 36% of companies worldwide continue recruiting during the pandemic period and make evaluations through online interviews. According to the data announced by, the platform for career and digital employer brand for young talents, there has been a serious increase of companies' online interview rates up to 300% in the last 1 month. This increase has also started to increase the susceptibility of candidates to online interviews. also announced that the recruitment of one of the 8 candidates conducting video interviews has resulted positively. With the candidates gaining more experience in this process, the number of candidates with positive feedback from online interviews in the coming days is expected to increase even more.

The search for workforce has increased in the technology and information sector

Emphasizing that coronavirus effect is low in energy, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial production sectors in Turkey, co-founder Emre Aykan stated that online interviews is gaining speed in their investigations, especially in the technology and IT sector. Aykan said, “The COVID-19 effects survey conducted by KPMG Turkey from the eyes of the business world revealed that while all sectors in Turkey were negatively affected by the pandemic, the impact was felt less in the energy, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial production sectors. 30% of the energy companies surveyed, 29% of pharmaceutical companies, 17% of companies in the chemical sector and 11% of companies engaged in industrial production said their sectors were under-affected by the pandemic. In addition to these sectors, we at Youthall have found that the picture is similar in the technology and IT sector and that there is a serious upward trend in the need for labour force in this sector. Because of the measures taken against coronavirus, the technological needs of many sectors increased and the IT and technology sector, which responded to this demand, sought an intensive workforce. In this context, there has been an increase in online interviews, especially regarding specialist/assistant specialist positions in the field of technology. In addition, the search for different areas of expertise is ongoing due to the increasing need for companies serving in the food sector.”

“The digital transformation that will take place in HR in 3 years happened instantly”

With the coronavirus pandemic, recruitment processes that have been moved to digital environments have significantly accelerated the digital transformation of the Human Resources field. Emre Aykan emphasized that the 300% increase in online interviews in the epidemic period in which physical contact was minimized and social isolation was applied highlights the digital transformation of the HR sector. Aykan said, “The increase in the rate of companies performing online interviews has brought the digital competence that we expect the human resources field to arrive within 3 years. The speed of candidates to adapt to this transformation indicates that the point reached will be permanent. While 1 out of 8 candidates who are currently doing video interviews receive positive feedback, we expect this rate to increase further in the coming days. In this context, as, we continue to work so that companies can create brands as employers in line with the changing world conditions, that is, they can build a “employer brand” and choose their workforce needs from the right and qualified candidates.”