Coronavirus did not affect the communication activities of companies

Coronavirus did not affect the communication activities of companies
02 May 2020

Although the coronavirus negatively affected many sectors, the communication activities of brands continued without slowing down. B2Press announced that there has been a 28% increase in digital PR activities of brands after the coronavirus. The coronavirus pandemic was the subject of 62% of the communication activities.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected many companies in Turkey as it has all over the world. The communication sector, which tends to shrink in times of economic difficulties, this time has attracted the intense interest of brands, especially digitally. Analyzing the data obtained according to the sector and subject distribution based on digital PR activities, Online PR Agency B2Press announced that the communication needs of the companies increased by 28%. In March and April, when the coronavirus affected business life, 30% of the companies that continued communication were companies from the IT sector, 15% were education, 15% were media, and 12% were health companies.

The IT sector mostly published contents related to the coronavirus

The communication activities, which stopped with uncertainty on 11-20 March 2020 with the first case being seen in Turkey, continued after that by prioritizing digital media. The impact of the pandemic on every sector was different within the scope of the measures taken against the coronavirus outbreak in Turkey. This difference also revealed certain sectoral breakdowns in the press release activities of brands. Brands from the informatics, finance, real estate and healthcare sectors mostly used press releases on coronavirus.

As a result of people's homes attracted to social isolation, the brands brought the alternatives they developed at the service point to the fore through press releases. In 62% of the online press release activities conducted, it was observed that the coronavirus outbreak was the focus. New data released every day were among the topics that the brands in the health sector touched on. The health sector, which especially the coronavirus had the most impact on the employees, came to the fore with topics such as strengthening the immune system, coronavirus spread and possible scenarios.

Technological solutions came to the fore in the real estate sector

With the cessation of physical contact, the real estate sector started to take steps towards digitalization. The communication activities included topics such as preparation for the increase in demand after the pandemic, innovations to protect social isolation and online training. Brands in the financial sector have informed their target audience about the epidemic and the negative impact of coronavirus on the Turkish economy and the increasing and decreasing demands.

One of the areas where social isolation made the most impact was the e-commerce sector. Increasing shopping on e-commerce platforms with people being drawn into their homes was among the remarkable issues. Brands in the furniture industry made economic statements. The brands in the furniture sector made economic statements. China's furniture exports in the first place to become the center of the outbreak said that the balance will change. Within the scope of coronavirus, brands in the furniture sector discussed the positive impact of exports in terms of Turkey and the increase of online payments with technological advantages in their communication studies.

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