Furniture industry develops new solutions against the pandemic

Furniture industry develops new solutions against the pandemic
30 April 2020

While most of the purchases are made online because of the coronavirus pandemic, consumers want to buy products such as furniture, curtains and white goods after seeing. Based on the insights received from customers, Asortie Furniture allows its customers to visit physical stores in sterile conditions with specially disinfected VIP vehicles.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Social isolation measures taken against the coronavirus outbreak caused millions of people to close to homes. As the time spent at home increased, both those who want to beautify and renew their living space and the couples who are getting ready for wedding tend to shop for furniture. While the search for furniture was made on the internet due to the pandemic, those who wanted to see the products they liked remained unsolved. Acting to solve this problem, Asortie Furniture started to offer VIP vehicle service for its customers to examine the products they liked and want to see closely.

Customers are taken from their homes and returned

Stating that they aim to respond to their needs without risking the health of their customers who are looking for furniture during the pandemic with the special vehicle service they started, Asortie Furniture Chairman Murat Erat said, “We decided to allocate disinfected special vehicles in order not to leave the demands of our customers who want to see closely. With this application, we take our customers who want to see the products they like on our website closely from their homes or from any address they specify, without being exposed to risks such as the use of public transportation, and we ensure that they examine our products in sterile runs with peace of mind.”