MARVEL Future Fight Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary!

MARVEL Future Fight Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary!
30 April 2020

Appealing to a large audience with more than 120 million users in 148 countries, MARVEL Future Fight celebrates its 5th anniversary with events and grand prizes.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - MARVEL Future Fight, which was published by Netmarble in 148 countries at the same time in April 2015 and soon became popular in many countries including Korea, Taiwan, USA and England, celebrated its 5th anniversary with a video: [https: // youtu .be / onz00qzpswc]

More than 120 million agents have teamed up with Nick Fury to fight the destruction of the timeline in the game, with new users joining the war every day since the first day. Here are the MARVEL Future Fight agents in the past 5 years:

  • More than 120 million agents in 148 countries play Marvel Future Fight.
  • More than 200 Marvel characters, including Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, appeared in the game.
  • 250 costumes were successfully worn.
  • The Agents defeated Ebony Maw 190 million times in the Grand Order Raid.
  • Category 3 characters, the highest ranked Super Heroes in the game, were called 1.5 million times using the 15 million Titan Component.


For the 5th anniversary celebration, MARVEL Future Fight has planned exciting events:

  • 5th Anniversary Countdown Event: One of the biggest in-game events in MARVEL Future Fight history, the "Countdown Event" offers special rewards to players every day. In the last day (30/04) players can get Selective - a Category-3 character and the top rank Superhero within the game. Rewards can be received until 13/05.
  • 8 Week Login Event: Players who log in every day between 30/04 - 31/06 will receive special rewards
  • 5. Anniversary Character Update Voting: Players can improve the skills of the 1st place character by voting. Additionally, game content from 30/04 to 13/05 can be developed directly by player ratings.
  • 5. Anniversary Comic Card: A Special Comic Card will be given during the event from 04/30 to 13/05.