Coronavirus is infecting the digital world too!

Coronavirus is infecting the digital world too!
28 April 2020

The pandemic period, during which business processes and especially data sharing were carried to digital channels, also paved the way for cyber hackers. During the pandemic, cyber attacks increased in 60% of the companies. Citizens as well as companies are at risk: Coronavirus-themed domain names have a 50% higher risk of malware.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The measures were taken against the coronavirus pandemic, which started in China and affected the whole world, led many companies to work remotely. The pandemic period, during which business processes and especially data sharing were carried to digital channels, also paved the way for cyber pirates. According to the domestic cybersecurity products manufacturer Berqnet Firewall, which examined the data of Ernst & Young and based on the outputs of its own studies, the rate of cyber attack increased in 60% of companies worldwide compared to 2019. While 79% of companies state that they are not ready for cyber threats that can be caused by working from home, only 36% take measures to deal with these threats. Experts point out that the balance sheet will be heavy, especially if no measures are taken against cyberattacks on company data capture.

Cyber ​​attacks can cost up to 1.5 million liras

Stating that cybersecurity vulnerabilities create opportunities for cyber hackers today when remote access to company data is provided due to coronavirus, Berqnet Firewall General Manager Hakan Hintoğlu emphasized that hackers target institutions and corporate employees over insecure networks. Hintoğlu said, “The researches show that millions of companies were negatively affected economically in the coronavirus process. At the point of transition to the recovery process, 54% of the senior executives of the companies point to 2021. At this point, cyber attacks, which can add a new one to the existing material damages, also pose a great risk. As Berqnet, we anticipate losses that could range from 100,000 liras to 1.5 million liras for an SME-scale company in Turkey if no measures are taken to address the vulnerabilities. For large-scale companies, this figure will be much higher. It is critical to use a firewall device in the office network, to prefer encrypted communication methods such as VPN for home or out of office situations that require remote access and to regularly back up the data to avoid such distressing situations.”

Beware the ‘real-time coronavirus maps’

Stating that not only companies but also citizens are at risk during the coronavirus period, Hakan Hintoğlu warned that many applications where malicious software was installed targeted personal data. Hintoğlu said, “With the pandemic, the time spent by citizens in digital media has increased significantly. The number of coronavirus-themed domains has also increased, particularly when tracking developments on coronavirus over the Internet. These domains, which carry 50% more malware risk than all other domains, have become the new trap of cyber hackers. Cyber hackers, which call themselves 'CIMER Announcement Group’, started to use applications with malicious software under the name “real-time coronavirus maps” to capture personal data such as citizens' identity and bank information. At this point, citizens as well as companies should be conscious and should not open suspicious files and links, and use firewall and antivirus programs in order not to be harmed.”

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