Educational support from Pearson during the pandemic

Educational support from Pearson during the pandemic
27 April 2020

The coronavirus pandemic caused an interruption in the formal education life of more than 300 million students worldwide. While distance education methods were guiding the uncertainty process, the world's largest educational solutions company Pearson launched a campaign called “Don't Stop Learning” in Turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The number of new types of coronavirus (Covid-19) cases has reached 2.5 million worldwide. Schools have closed in many countries that have been dealing with effective measures due to the pandemic. With the disruption of education, families, educators, students and individuals turned to innovative online solutions that can help them work. Pearson, the leading education solutions company of the world, launched the “Don't Stop Learning” campaign, which includes a series of e-learning tools to support the education ecosystem and help academic institutions counter the pandemic.

Stating that they put together for students and educators to use online learning resources, Pearson Turkey the Middle East and Africa General Manager Özhan Toktas said, “We're seeing an increase of 400% in the use of our digital education platform in the world in general, and this demand with each passing day is increasing.”

The most effective method to combat the pandemic: “Education”

Sinan Kezer, Country Manager of Pearson Turkey, who detailed the global education campaign, said: “Education is the most effective method by which we can eliminate the economic, even psychological effects of the pandemic. Using e-learning tools and digital platforms to impede the learning and advancement of students, educators and individuals is quite important. We have had many participants in webinars organized within the framework of our “Don't Stop Learning” campaign (webinar), not only teachers in public institutions, but also university professors and corporate teaching centers. We have made our content available to institutions to students by compiling it according to their own teaching needs, structuring it to support teachers' distance learning skills.”

We see more than three times the intensity we would expect in September.

Referring to the increase in demand for online education content in Turkey with the campaign, Sinan Kezer said, “When we look at the usage charts of our online content, we see more than three times the intensity we would normally expect in September with the opening of schools. That's gratifying, but not enough. The important thing is to keep this curve afloat without falling. Therefore, we will continue to work on our distance education webinars and content, both designed specifically for various educational institutions and aimed at overall participation.”

Making educational sources accessible at once poses risks

Stating that they have been working for the perfection of all kinds of education, especially distance education for many years, Sinan Kezer said, “Remote education gives us this opportunity. We had the opportunity to share our remote education experience, which we have accumulated over the years, with more institutions, teachers and students during this period. In such a crisis environment, the first reflex is to open all resources related to education to everyone at the same time. Although this approach seems pleasing to the eye, we think that it has risks; we know that it is very important that in the learning process, what information is monitored in which order, which learning outcome is targeted and finalized. It is just as important that the teacher is able to manage the remote education sources and students and to realize the quality of the teaching environment that he has established in the real classroom environment so far in virtual classrooms.”

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