Coronavirus has digitalized song contests

Coronavirus has digitalized song contests
22 April 2020

Millions of people are staying at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, and those who want to have a fun time use digital platforms. In this process, the demand for mobile games increased by 40%, and the rate of watching funny videos increased by 42%. Another interesting alternative was the mobile audio contest.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The coronavirus pandemic, which started in China and affected the whole world, caused millions of people to stay home with preventive social isolation and curfews. The time spent at home also increased the time users spend on the internet. While the priority in this process was to follow the developments regarding coronavirus from the internet, there was a serious increase in the number of users who want to have fun. The number of users listening to music over the Internet has increased by 58%, watching movies by 49% and funny videos by 42%. Mobile games that respond to the socialization needs of people with the opportunity to interact attracted attention with an increase of 40%. The new generation mobile sound contest BestUp, which took action against this case, allowed the users staying at home to socialize, and reached more than 20 thousand users from many parts of the world with its interactive competition format.

Money for both juries and singers

Bringing together people of all ages who trust their voices in a virtual environment, BestUp offers a voice contest where all users who download the application take place as a jury. In the mobile sound contest, where the jury is confronted by uploading the videos that the users perform, the jury members form a team of voices they like. In the contest where the sound that managed to enter the most teams has passed the pre-elimination to the top tour, the contestants who have the right to pass the semi-final and participate in the final contest also have the opportunity to be discovered with awards such as singles, video clips, making a duet with a celebrity. Prize money is given to the winning voice and the jury members who take it to their team. When the amount of the award won by the jury members exceeds 50 TL, they can also be transferred to the user's bank account. The application can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play Store.

“Music shows its unifying power during the pandemic”

The interactive format of BestUp is effective in meeting the socialization needs of people who do not leave their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Oğuzhan Çetin, one of the founders of BestUp, who stated that they aim to gain benefits both socially and financially through the mobile voice contest, said, “One of the most challenging issues of the people during the pandemic is that they have been away from their activities. Music, as always, shows its unifying power in this challenging period. As BestUp, whether used in professional or as an hobby, we aimed to bring people together, even in a virtual environment, with the aspect of music which is a means of self-expression that contributes to socialization. While doing this, we wanted to add excitement with financial gains. In this context, we have included income models such as wildcard sales, VIP membership, sponsorship, watching income from digital channels, management, advertisement and composition sales in our application, which currently includes more than 20 thousand users and over 7 thousand competitors.”

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