MopArt painting contest started

MopArt painting contest started
22 April 2020

MopArt painting contest has started for children who continue their education from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, to evaluate their free time and have fun in the challenging conditions of the quarantine.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The 20th MopArt painting contest, organized by the paper and notebook manufacturer MOPAK, started on Saturday, April 18th. All children between the ages of 5-13 can participate in the contest, which will last until May 17, 2020. With the theme “My colorful world”, there are no prerequisites for participating in the contest that will touch children's dreams, while the pictures can be sent via e-mail. Children who will compete in three different categories according to their age ranges series will be evaluated by expert jury members. The entire application and evaluation process will be carried out digitally to prevent contact. As a result of the evaluation, children who ranked in each category will be given a game console, tablet, smart watch, bluetooth headset and electronic experiment set.

“Painting contest will give an idea about our children's thoughts”

Stating that the MopArt painting contest was taken early this year due to the coronavirus and will add excitement to the time children spend at home, MOPAK General Manager Ruhi Molay said, “It is very valuable to notice the psychological change in children who have witnessed news and outbreaks for a long time at home with us. Besides the colors and lines they prefer, the figures used shed light on the subconscious of children. Based on these pictures, we should consult the experts and create a basis to minimize the psychological effects of the pandemic on children.”

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