6 out of 10 companies are working remotely

6 out of 10 companies are working remotely
21 April 2020

The measures taken against the coronavirus pandemic have brought new practices in the operation of companies. 6 of the 10 companies started working remotely, while nearly 80% of the companies started to worry about their productivity.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The measures taken against the coronavirus pandemic have adversely affected many companies worldwide. In addition to the economic problems, the necessities such as the adaptation of the employees to work remotely, the provision of internal communication, the sustainability of the motivation and the continuity of the training online also put serious responsibilities, especially for the human resources professionals.

According to Mercer's research of “The impact of coronavirus on companies, employees and infrastructures”, only 38% of the companies surveyed in the EMEA region, which includes Turkey, do not have field operations and have working order only in the office environment. 6 out of 10 companies decided to work remotely during the pandemic, while 4 stepped in for restricted applications. In this process, while those concerned about productivity stand out with 80% share, various practices are implemented in adaptation and motivation. Companies maintain internal communication with remote connections by 45%. The proportion of companies that say they are trying to motivate their employees with virtual activities such as tea break or yoga hour is 24%, while the proportion of those who continue their training for their teams in the virtual environment during the coronavirus pandemic is 31%. BindHR brings together HR professionals and solution partners to guide them on the digital platform.

HR professionals need support as well as employees

BindHR, which is positioned as an online marketplace for the human resources sector, enables organizations to get support from HR service providers of their HR departments. BindHR, which includes 150 service categories including training, coaching, talent management, HR technologies and organizational development, aims to support HR professionals during the pandemic period with online services such as online coaching, online consultancy, virtual classroom and webinar. Stating that companies want to be with HR professionals in order to overcome the coronavirus pandemic with minimum harm, BindHR Founder Dr. Selçuk Alimdar said, “In order to continue the operation of companies in this difficult process we are in, HR professionals who provide the system need support as well as employees. In Turkey, a first in the HR sector, we have implemented special online market place the health of employees HR departments with bindh is, the motivation and development of remote could promote the organization will contribute to the business management can take consultancies.”

It is possible to access the service provider immediately in case of need

On the platform, where corporate HR professionals can be a free member, many service providers offer services under 150 categories for human resources. In order to get support from service providers that HR departments can easily access when needed, queries can be requested by contacting the platform. Emphasizing that the developed system provides mutual benefits for both professionals and service providers, Dr. Selçuk Alimdar said “It is generally not as easy as planned to reach the support needed in times of crisis. At this point, not only resolves professionals at the time of need, but also offers service providers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, reduce marketing and sales costs, have a microsite site where the services are displayed, promote the services in a focused manner and monitor the promotional performance.”