Consumers chose to be protected from the coronavirus with e-commerce

Consumers chose to be protected from the coronavirus with e-commerce
13 April 2020

The measures taken against coronavirus in Turkey has also affected consumer behavior, especially contactless shopping has increased. In March, disinfectant orders have increased by 54 times from the internet, while ‘masks' became the price hike champion. The majority of shopping is made via e-commerce and it is now possible to track the products sold on the internet instantaneously via the map of Turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Following the measures taken against the coronavirus pandemic, all activities requiring physical contact decreased while consumers turned to contactless e-commerce sites. The contents of the carts changed rapidly, especially in online shopping. Turkey's leading e-commerce infrastructure provider IdeaSoft examined the orders from more than 8,000 e-commerce sites in order to demonstrate the change in online shopping habits in March with January. Disinfectant sales increased by 5.413%, with the intense interest of citizens seeking ways to protect themselves from the virus. High demand has also affected the prices; mask prices increased by an average of 520%, and thermometer prices increased by 139% in March.

In addition to the increase in hygiene products, thermometer orders increased by 6.5 times

According to the report of IdeaSoft that examines the effect of the coranavirus on e-commerce and consumption habits, the number of hygiene products, including disinfectants, masks, colognes, gloves and wet wipes, that was purchased from the internet increased by 6.5 times in March. The disinfectant products, which ranked first with a record increase of 5.413% in terms of quantity, were followed by a mask with 3.224% increase, cologne with 1.148%, thermometer with 512% and gloves with 286%. Those who want to strengthen their immune system turned to vitamins and supplements. Compared to January, the total number of products sold in this category increased by 177% in March.

The research also showed a change in the unit prices of the products with increased demand. Compared to January, mask became the product with a record price increase of 502% in March. Masks were followed by thermometers with a price increase of 139%, gloves with 64% and wet wipes with 55%.

“What is sold on the internet can now be tracked instantly”

Stating that e-commerce is the way out today, where it is very important to stay at home and to minimize physical contact, Seyhun Özkara talked about the site they launched to support SMEs and entrepreneurs. Özkara said, “As IdeaSoft, in order to guide SMEs and entrepreneurs, we have launched a website where they can follow Turkey’s e-commerce journey momentarily and transparently. This site can be accessed from to track what is currently sold on the internet, the cities where the products are most in demand, which product is sold at what price for the first time in Turkey. In this way, we aim to support e-commerce activities and increase the value that contactless shopping will add to our country's economy, especially during this difficult pandemic period.

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