Drones will prevent physical contact in real estate transactions

Drones will prevent physical contact in real estate transactions
09 April 2020

The real estate sector, which is one of the businesses most affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the world, is rapidly adapting to new conditions in Turkey. Contactless payment with drones has been added to innovations in addition to digital signature, online mortgage and inheritance distribution.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to the data of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (TKGM), 113 thousand transactions have been carried out since 18 March through the Web Land Registry service where citizens can complete real estate transactions without leaving home. During the same period, 30 thousand houses were sold online. RE/MAX Turkey Regional Director Murat Goldştayn stated that only those who realized the digital transformation in the real estate sector can survive in this period, and public institutions in the real estate sector are exemplary in the digital transformation and that the private sector should keep up with this transformation in order not to be victimized.

Drones are the latest innovation in the real estate industry

RE/MAX Turkey announced its new project on social media accounts in order to reduce the contact of homeowners and employees in real estate buying and selling, and announced that they aimed to take hygienic images without entering the houses through the process of taking photos with drones. Stating that the biggest increase in drone shooting is that the buyer, seller and middleman can watch this shooting live at the same time without leaving the house, Murat Goldştayn said, “We aimed to solve the contact problem which is the biggest danger in this period. A drone operator comes in front of a property for rent or sale and takes this shot with the drone without himself entering the house. In smaller houses, this is done again with a special car with remote control. It offers a perfect solution, especially for properties with tenants in them.”

“We are rehearsing the future mandatory transformation with coronavirus”

Murat Goldştayn, who summarizes the purpose of the technological innovations they have realized in the real estate sector with the coronavirus pandemic as both the fight against the epidemic and the preparation for the future, said, “We wish to manage all trading processes with zero contact and we use all the signatures of technology to develop this. Recently, we have successfully completed many leasing and sales transactions with these technological innovations. However, we do not think that these innovations will remain only during the epidemic period. As the real estate sector, we think it is a rehearsal for the change we will have to undergo in 4 or 5 years and a good opportunity to prepare for this period.”

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