“We are ready to mobilize our infrastructure for healthcare workers”

“We are ready to mobilize our infrastructure for healthcare workers”
09 April 2020

Paper and notebook manufacturer MOPAK provided medical equipment to health care workers with the ‘Rainbow’ project launched in their social media accounts. In the announcement made by the company, it was stated that the project is a good example of social solidarity, and the company is ready to support if needed in the future.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Turkey shows a great example of solidarity. Along with citizens' aid campaigns, the private sector is working hard to minimize the consequences of the pandemic. Continuing its activities in the printing and paper sector for 94 years, MOPAK reached thousands of people with the ‘Rainbow’ project and donated masks on behalf of those who shared on social media. The masks were delivered on behalf of those involved in projects for medical personnel serving in hospitals all over Turkey.

“It was a good example of social solidarity”

MOPAK General Manager Ruhi Molay stated that the project has reached 15 million access in various channels and said, “With the Rainbow project, we asked everyone to draw the rainbow in their dreams and hang it on the glass and share it with other users. We witnessed that thousands of people listened to our call in a very short time and shared rainbows. As we mentioned at the beginning of the project, we provided mask assistance for our healthcare professionals to use on behalf of these shares. This assistance was delivered to many hospitals in Turkey. Now, we aim to provide a social benefit with new projects. With solidarity projects, we will survive this difficult period in the shortest time with the least damage and we will have a healthy, peaceful future together with the unity and solidarity we have shown in the past.”

“We are ready to mobilize our entire infrastructure”

Stating that the Health Week, which is celebrated by the World Health Organization for April 7 and the following week every year, coincides with a very significant period this year, Ruhi Molay said, “This week Health Week gained a different meaning with the pandemic we experienced. As MOPAK, we are ready to mobilize our infrastructure in Kemalpaşa, Dalaman and Kastamonu as the biggest paper producer of the Middle East and Balkan countries for the safety of healthcare workers, when necessary.”

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