Görkem Uludüz: “Şöhretler Sahada organization will continue after the pandemic"

Görkem Uludüz: “Şöhretler Sahada organization will continue after the pandemic
08 April 2020

It has been announced that ‘Şöhretler Sahada' organization, where influencers play against players who have left their mark on Turkish football such as Hasan Kabze, Ahmet Dursun İbrahim Yattara and Tuncay Şanlı, will continue after the pandemic.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Stating that the ‘Şöhretler Sahada' organization, which was first held on March 15, 2020, between famous football players and social media influencers, reached 8 million people on different platforms, Görkem Uludüz said, “The final score was of second importance in the first match we organized and it was a very entertaining competition. The number of social media shares on the internet reached millions and achieved great success. We were planning the second leg of our ‘Şöhretler Sahada’ organization against opponents full of surprise names in April. However, we have postponed this to a later date in the past weeks in order not to risk anyone's health due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

“Football embodies all emotions”

Görkem Uludüz, who says that football lives dreams, joys, happiness and sadness together, said, “Despite these difficult times as humanity, passion for sports and football will never end for us. We hope to overcome these troubles as soon as possible in national unity and solidarity, by keeping our support, and following the calls, during the hard days that our country passes through. We want to forget these days by organizing new matches full of legend names after the epidemic.”