Steel door export from Kayseri to Sudan for 300 thousand dollars

Steel door export from Kayseri to Sudan for 300 thousand dollars
07 April 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there have been major disruptions in trade worldwide, while e-export continues to be the gateway for manufacturers. A steel door manufacturer in Kayseri has exported $ 300,000 to Sudan through the e-export platform TurkishExporter.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Operating in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, which is considered as the center of steel door production, Steel door manufacturer Brango has exported 300 thousand dollars worth steel door. Stating that e-export can make a great contribution to foreign trade at a time when stagnation in trade is seen due to the pandemic, Brango Ltd. Export Director Nurhan İçden said, “According to TurkStat data throughout 2019 from Turkey to Sudan 1 million 230 thousand dollars of exports was made of iron and steel doors and windows. We took the order of $ 300,000 steel doors at one time through the e-export platform TurkishExporter, maturing the process and reaching the result. We can provide a new source of our country's foreign trade made by other manufacturers in Turkey, with similar email export boom.”

“E-export puts SMEs in competition with big companies”

Stating that e-export provides great effort, time and cost savings in the export departments of companies, Nurhan İçden said, “We export to many points of the world through different channels. We do a lot of market research while exporting. We also encounter many operational loads. In e-export platforms, you are dealing directly with those concerned and use your resources more efficiently. Being able to sell to a country that is not among our potential export regions such as Sudan is a huge breakthrough for us. E-export is very important for Turkish SMEs to have a voice in international trade and to compete with other manufacturers.”

“Coronavirus provides an opportunity to develop our digital muscles”

Stating that many commercial activities have been interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic, Nurhan İçden continued: “As with all exporters, we will not be able to participate in travel and fairs for a long time now because of the virus epidemic. During this period, we will strive to continue our exports by allocating more time and resources to e-export activities. We maintain our communication 24/7 with our customers who come through the e-export channel at home or in the factory. It is an inevitable fact that international trade will be reshaped after the epidemic. Buyers and sellers will mostly use digital platforms. In this process, we need to increase our export competence in digital media and benefit from the blessings of e-export in the future.”