United Nations Extraction from ebebek

United Nations Extraction from ebebek
29 August 2018

Since 2015, ebebek has won the International Corporate Social Responsibility (ICSR) award for the 2018 Babology Meetings 201 project. The General Manager of ebebek Halil Erdoğmuş explained the details of the project at the en JCI Global Partnership Summit eb organized at the United Nations Headquarters.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - JCI Global Partnership Summit her organized by the Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Association (JCI - Junior Chamber International), which is one of the largest civil society organizations in the world, was held every year at the United Nations Headquarters. The United Nations is located between Target Sustainable Development "Gender Equality" in contact with the specially invited speaker at the summit, Turkey's first and largest mother-baby products shopping platform ebebek General Manager was Khalil Erdoğdu, by the JCI in April, International Corporate Social He presented his experiences in the corporate social responsibility field in New York and at the United Nations Headquarters (UN), as well as the Bebekoloji Buluşmaları (ICSR) award.

Gender equality is critical to sustainable development.

Halil Erdoğmuş spoke at the session called in Building Gender Equality in the Business World sürdür at the summit where participants from many regions of the world were involved. In The elimination of gender equality is critical not only for the basic human right but also for accelerating sustainable development. As ebebek, we have laid the foundations of the philosophy of Bebekology in order to contribute to the education of healthy individuals because we believe that the awareness of women will create a multiplier effect. In this context, our project; . Sustainability, cooperation with the civil society, target audience access were evaluated and rewarded in accordance with the criteria for compliance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,.

Babyology is the basic manifesto of ebebek's business philosophy.

Erdoğmuş underlined that not only focusing on the sale of mothers and baby products but also sharing their experience and expertise with them as ebebek. ler The aim of Bebekology, which is defined as the science of understanding and telling baby, is; To be able to touch the mother and mothers with knowledge, to give them the support they need, and to raise awareness in everything they may need in the process of pregnancy and baby growth. The project also allows parents to come together with specialist physicians in their field to raise awareness of Down Syndrome and Premature births and to ensure that babies born in this situation continue their lives in the healthiest way possible. Babyology is not just a series of conferences or projects, it is the business philosophy and basic manifesto of ebebek. 

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