World-famous English learning application enters the Turkish market

World-famous English learning application enters the Turkish market
06 April 2020

Although English education is given for a total of 9 years in middle and high schools, Turkey is ranked in the ‘very low proficiency’  category in English literacy worldwide. Taking action to change this case, world-famous English learning application has stepped into the Turkish market, in order for Turkey to evaluate this process efficiently in terms of learning English.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to the ranking of EF Education First among 100 non-English speaking countries, Turkey is second to last in Europe and 79th among the countries in the survey. An important move for Turkey, which is in the ‘very low proficiency’ category for the last 5 years, came from Russian-based world-famous English learning application Simpler. Simpler, which has helped hundreds of thousands of people learn English in 24 countries in 10 languages so far, has stepped into the Turkish market as the time at home has increased due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. The application aims to increase English proficiency level of Turkey and help getting out of the very low category.

Offering a tailored education model

Stating that the period of social isolation can be considered as an important opportunity to improve Turkey's poor performance in English, Simpler Product Director Dmitry Garnik drew attention to the impact of language learning applications in this process. Garnik said, “It is very sad that the level of proficiency in Turkey, where a foreign language is given importance and students are offered compulsory English education for 9 years, is so low. While researching the reasons, we found that there is no source for Turks who want to learn English from there smartphones that can localize expressions and examples, make grammar rules clear and take vocabulary into account. Thus, we decided to launch our application in the Turkish market by gamifying education, where the level is determined by the Simpler test, not the user, and where they are exercises related to the issues that need to be developed. We hope that the application will be a motivation for Turkey spending time at home because of the coronavirus.”

Turkey can go on to the next level in the next 3 years

Stating that their target in the Turkish market is to take the English proficiency level of the country to a next level, which has been in the “very low” category since 2014, Dmitry Garnik said, “Foreign language, which has an important place in both personal development and academic and professional life, also provides serious advantages for countries, if every individual knows at a level to attain a healthy communication. English speaking ability may lead to new business and networking opportunities for Turkey. In order to achieve this, the English level should increase and the knowledge should reach a certain quality. Entering the Turkish market based on grievances and aspirations, we aim Turkey to reach a higher level of English proficiency in the next 3 years as Simpler.