The first step toward the use of blockchain in the healthcare industry

The first step toward the use of blockchain in the healthcare industry
30 March 2020

As the world continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of high technology in the healthcare industry has once again emerged. The first step towards the use of blockchain technology in the health sector is being taken in Turkey, which is expected to provide great convenience, especially in the field of equipment supply.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Technologies with blockchain infrastructure, which have been used extensively in many areas in the world, from banking to tourism, education to industry, came to the agenda for the health sector after the coronavirus outbreak. While many developed countries in Europe are experiencing great difficulty in supplying equipment, especially due to the Coronavirus outbreak, blockchain technology is expected to completely prevent this problem in Turkey. The research and development activities initiated by Natomed Hospital aim to provide digital knowledge by collecting data on patient follow-up and treatment processes, as well as product supply in hospitals.

“Technology is essential for the health system not to collapse”

Stating that stronger technologies are needed to prevent the health system from collapsing in times of crisis, Natomed Hospital Chief Professor Dr. Ayşegül Akbay said, “In hospitals, high technology should be implemented not only for surgery and treatment, but also in management and other processes. Blockchain technology, which we have been working on for many years, reminded us once more about its importance with the coronavirus epidemic and we are now going through the implementation phase.”

Equipment cost will decrease with blockchain technology

Underlining that meeting the necessary equipment and needs in the health sector is at least as important as the operation, Dr. Ayşegül Akbay said, “We have seen that hospitals in Turkey and in many countries of the world are not able to quickly meet the equipment they need. One of the most important reasons is that the Coronavirus outbreak causes an air of chaos and panic in society, and opportunists who take advantage of this situation hide their products or offer them at exorbitant prices. Although this problem has been overcome by the intervention of the Ministry of Health and other government agencies, it is clear to everyone that it is not sustainable. With the use of Blockchain technology, it will be able to follow the entire process of medical products and equipment from the manufacturing location to the arrival of hospitals. The market value for the mask, gloves and other equipment needed will be seen and sudden changes made by the manufacturers will be reported and directed to the appropriate manufacturers. Thus, the health opportunists who appear in every crisis will have an end.”

“We will also use blockchain technology for patient tracking”

Stating that blockchain technology can benefit not only in product supply but also inpatient management for the health sector, Dr. Ayşegül Akbay continued his statements as follows: “We think that we can benefit from this technology especially for patients who continue their treatment outside the hospital and who need to be under supervision. For those who continue their treatment at the hospital, we hope to be able to use our resources more efficiently by following up processes such as the average recovery time by installing systems integrated with artificial intelligence technologies that are already in use.”

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