Employees working from home increased internet traffic by 3-fold

Employees working from home increased internet traffic by 3-fold
30 March 2020

As part of the measures taken in Turkey against the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak that affects the whole world, thousands of companies that comply with stay-at-home calls have started to work from home. There was a huge increase in internet traffic as employees started working from home.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Measures continue to be taken around the world against the Coronavirus outbreak. As well as canceling mass organizations and taking school holidays, companies are switching to a work-from-home model for the health of their employees. After this transition, some telecom operators announced that the increase in internet usage had reached 50%. Many internet-based video broadcasters such as Netflix, which are very popular in our country, have reduced their broadcasting quality by 25% in order to prevent band jams caused by heavy use. In the new period, it is a clear indication that the internet is now a much larger part of daily life.

Servers increased load

With the closure of sports halls, cinemas and similar collective activity areas for precautionary purposes, it is observed that the transportation of services that can be given independently to the digital has accelerated. A study by NiobeWeb, which produces internet solutions based in Izmir, states that even in companies that have not yet completed their transition from home to work, all business meetings have been moved to the internet environment. Stating that the demand for internet infrastructures increased 3 times in branches such as consultancy and private training, founder of NiobeWeb Cüneyt Yağız said, “As the second week of March, internet traffic has increased by 70% in our infrastructure, which has more than 20 thousand websites, hosting solutions. We see that the increase in the media files on the level of 20%. We believe that companies will take internet visibility more seriously in the future.”

Businesses accelerate their digital transformation

Another web solutions service provider CTO, Fatih Gülsuyu, who emphasized that the process had a catalyst effect in digital transformation, said that the companies that contacted them were particularly concerned about efficiency for the remote work process, but with digital solutions that provided end-to-end communication and coordination. He said that they easily resolved their concerns. Found that 40% of the increase in demand for Internet services and increasing this ratio will rise Fatih Gülsuyu said, “We see that the digital conversion of the literally felt during this period in Turkey. Besides SMEs and enterprises, large companies want to reach their ability to continue their operations from digital media. We think that this crisis is a lesson for our businesses and it can be more efficient by maintaining the digital habits gained in this period after the coronavirus epidemic.”

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