European new rival to global e-commerce sites!

European new rival to global e-commerce sites!
31 August 2018

The worldwide volume of e-commerce has grown by 112% in the last 4 years. until 2021 to reach $ 4.8 trillion, 64% of the expected volume of global e-commerce market, Turkey is expected to occur in developing countries where there is inside it. e-commerce is emerging as a new area of opportunity for Turkey to increase its foreign trade volume.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The worldwide volume of e-commerce, which has become more important with the rapid development of technology, has increased by 112% in the last 4 years to reach $ 2.8 trillion. 64% of the global e-commerce volume, which is expected to reach USD 4,8 trillion with a 70% growth rate by 2021, is expected to take place in developing countries. Such a rapidly growing market brings new initiatives. Founded by Turkish entrepreneur Bayram Filikci, is an online marketplace application that enables import and export operations between companies. In terms of commercial facilities, more than 1 million suppliers have been listed in the first three months, with more than 10,000 suppliers listed on, which is managed by a Danish-based team focusing in particular on the European continent. The share of Turkey's foreign trade volume of the European Union stated that about 50% of Founder's Day Filikc is also stated that significant commercial opportunities created for Turkey's import and export processes.

Users who are registered as a member of as of May 2018 can reach their millions of people by setting up their microsites in a matter of minutes and free of charge, while buyers can easily access thousands of product types with different filtering methods. Filikci stated that they are one step ahead from the global B2B trading platforms and said, lar The main point where we stand out from the existing marketplace platforms is that we create a microsite under Xpann for each vendor and help the suppliers in payment systems and logistics. For buyers, we use a highly developed artificial intelligence algorithm at the point of product recommendations. 

Every month, 10,000 new visitors meet Xpann. 

Stating that Xpannuzs reaching its 1-year targets in just 3 months is an important indicator of success for the European economy, Filikci continued: hedef We are growing very fast. We increased the capacity of our servers twice in the past. Our product range brings 10 thousand new visitors to our page every month. It is exciting to reach these data in the investment stage yet. We're blending talent and technology. We have a very hard-working team spread across Denmark-based Europe, and we are doing our best to make Xpann the best online marketplace in Europe. 

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55