“Coronavirus outbreak may contribute $ 1 billion to Turkey's furniture exports”

“Coronavirus outbreak may contribute $ 1 billion to Turkey's furniture exports”
26 March 2020

Coronavirus slowed down the production of furniture giants worldwide, especially in China and Italy. Global demands are expected to shift to the Turkish furniture industry, which has been rising rapidly in recent years and generate additional export revenue of $ 1 billion.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The coronavirus pandemic slowed down the production of Italy, Germany and the USA, which are among the world's largest furniture manufacturers, especially China, from which it originated. In order to save labour cost, the production of many furniture manufacturers, which have their production facilities in China, has also been disrupted. The narrowing trend of the quarantine and discontinuation measures taken in the countries in the global economy caused the route to be turned out of Asia especially in the furniture trade. At this point, Turkey ranks first among the countries oriented by the world furniture sector.

Manufacturing centers are shifting from Asia to the near east

Underlining that the furniture producers who carry out their production activities in China for cheap labour, faced with a great loss, Asortie Furniture Chairman Murat Erat said, “After the coronavirus pandemic started in China, furniture manufacturers with production facilities came to a halt in terms of both raw material supply and production. This picture will cause the movements in China, Italy, Germany and the USA, which are regarded as the world's furniture giants, to move their production centres to the near east. This restructuring will occur across quality standards in the furniture sector have proved to the world as a country, Turkey is among the strongest candidate to be the new target of giants.”

The pandemic could contribute $ 1 billion to Turkey's furniture exports

Stating that many European countries importing furniture, as well as African and Middle Eastern countries, would be headed to Turkey, Murat Erat said that a new era would begin in the furniture sector and called for necessary preparations to be made. Erat said, “As Turkey's furniture sector, we recorded 14% growth in exports in the last year and our total exports reached 2.9 billion dollars in 2019. In the current table, we stand out as the main import destination of both Europe and countries in Africa and the Middle East. In this respect, our expectation is that the additional orders that will occur with the global demand towards Turkey will contribute $ 1 billion to the exports of the sector. Thus, it is not difficult for furniture exports, which we expect to exceed 3 billion dollars in 2020, to rise above 4 billion dollars. As the furniture sector of Turkey, we were anticipating such acceleration, but of course we did not expect to have an epidemic in the global dimension. While this situation will force many sectors in economic terms, the potential of the furniture sector to turn the crisis into an opportunity is very valuable in terms of contributing to our country's economy.”