New tutor of students “Çözücü”

New tutor of students “Çözücü”
23 March 2020

Mobile application “Çözücü”, which was developed in order to enable students preparing for high school and university entrance exams to easily reach the solutions of the questions they cannot solve, was introduced. Thanks to the application developed by Doping Hafıza, students will be able to easily get support through the mobile application for questions they cannot solve at home.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The new mobile application developed by Doping Hafıza, one of Turkey's leading educational platforms, the new mobile application “Çözücü” helps students overcome questions they can't solve without going to a tutor or study centre. The students preparing for the exam take pictures of the questions they cannot solve and upload them via the mobile application, while the expert teachers of each course provide the solution of the questions to the student via a video. Thus, while students can quickly find solutions to problems, loss of motivation is prevented. The application, which is currently solving the questions of Mathematics and Geometry, will soon support the students in other courses such as Turkish, Science and History. The application, which started out with the slogan of “No more unsolved questions", is available on the App Store and Play Store.

“Questions that cannot be solved should be addressed”

Semih Hakyemez, CEO of Doping Hafıza, who stated that millions of people are preparing for exams in Turkey, said: “After learning a subject, solving hundreds of questions about it allows the acquired knowledge to be strengthened and more permanent. The more questions are solved, the different types of questions are seen and the habit is gained. At this point, the unsolved questions must be addressed and comprehended by the student. We observe a significant increase in motivation, net number and overall success as the unsolved questions begin to be solved.”

“Understanding wrong answers is as important as solving questions”

Semih Hakyemez, who said that the students who prepared for the exam were the only source for solving the questions they could not solve, said: “A student needs teacher support for an average of 10 questions per day. However, it is not possible for teachers to support this kind of problem-solving outside of normal class hours in one day. According to statistics, one of the biggest problems of the students is not being able to solve the questions that they cannot do to a teacher. Parents also usually seek to get support from the private teacher for the solution of unclear questions. At this point, the mobile application we developed will greatly reduce the cost of keeping parents under private teaching.”

“Unsolved questions affect performance negatively”

Stating that the questions that cannot be solved are of great importance for the students, Haykemez said, “When the student cannot solve a question, the whole course performance of that day is negatively affected. It is so important that the problem is quickly reached to the solution that if this process is prolonged, it can even forget its place in the question. When stuck in one question, all of the similar question types have problems and their motivation is seriously influenced and there is no choice but to wait.”

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