Online courses for the real estate industry started to be offered for free

Online courses for the real estate industry started to be offered for free
20 March 2020

As part of the coronavirus measures, courses are rapidly shifting to digital channels. Taking action for millions that are staying home, Enrichers Learning has started to offer its online courses free of charge to everyone.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Many institutions take precautions against coronavirus, which affects the whole world. Sectoral training centers, which brought together professionals, carried their training processes to digital environments in order to keep the curriculum intact. Enrichers Learning, which organizes special training for the real estate sector, was one of the training centers that decided to proceed only with online training. Explaining that they postponed their classroom education until April 1, 2020, Enrichers Learning opened their online education free of charge to everyone to support the development of many people who will close home.

“Personal development should not be hindered”

Gülay Demirsu, Education Director of Enrichers Learning, who has been training the real estate sector since 2019 in the real estate sector, pointed out that online training is an important tool in protecting the self-confidence and knowledge of many people who care about their personal development but who have to close their homes due to the outbreak. Gülay Demirsu said, “While protecting our body health against the coronavirus, we should pay attention to keeping our minds vigorous. When we overcome this danger, we should not lose our competencies and even develop them by going over them to continue our personal and professional lives where we left off. In the face of this critical picture, which we envisaged as Enrichers Learning, we have decided to make all our online training accessible to everyone with our belief that personal development should not prevent obstacles.”

29 different online courses from expert trainers

Indicating that there are many programs that appeal to different sectors in the online education platforms where macro and micro-courses are available, Gülay Demirsu said, “Enrichers Learning website, which includes 29 online courses, offers both real estate and personal development training. All courses are available to everyone free of charge on our site. Among our online courses given by expert trainers, Gökçe Ilgaz's Individual Swot Analysis, Yasemin Yurtan's Working with Generations and Leading Them, Evren Topal's Social Media Basics and Cüneyt Dirican's Who is Afraid of Finance? stands out.”