AloTech made call centers work from home within hours.

AloTech made call centers work from home within hours.
19 March 2020

AloTech, the call center software working in the cloud architecture, made the existing operations of its customers accessible outside the office within hours with its infrastructure against the COVID-19 threat.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Companies around the world are making great efforts to switch their operations to the "working remotely" model. Call centers are also at a critical point in this prioritization in terms of number of employees and technical structure. The biggest obstacle to moving large and complex call center operations home is the lack of time and technological infrastructure.

AloTech, which is the largest cloud-based call center software in Turkey, has stepped up its support program to make call centers of companies fighting the COVID-19 threat compatible with the remote operating model. AloTech supports customers in their transition to an office-free working environment without project fees. In addition to the companies using the AloTech infrastructure, companies that use different platforms are also served under the support program. In the last 7 days, tens of companies applied to AloTech to transfer the call center infrastructure to an office-free environment and received free support in the transition processes.

Calls are forwarded to chat or WhatsApp.

Stating that nearly 50 companies received support from AloTech to continue their call center operations remotely in the past week, AloTech Deputy General Manager Korhan Erçin made the following statements regarding the process: “In just a few days, we made dozens of customers work in the home environment. Here, if there are no third-party systems or operator-based time extension, the same call center functions become operational in office-free environments within hours. Some of our customers even moved their operations on AloTech to the office without consulting us and then informed us. We also offer alternative solutions to reduce the density with different channels for density situations in call numbers. With very simple chatbot scenarios, we take steps to reduce the load by directing calls to chat or WhatsApp. In fact, the existing AloTech infrastructure offers a similar advantage to independent accessibility offered by platforms such as Spotify or Netflix. In a sense, we are like Netflix, Spotify of the software in call centers.”

 Free support to health institutions

Stating that they provide support to move the call center operations of many companies on a global scale to home working model, Korhan Erçin also stated that they are ready to support for health institutions. Underlying that they are open to support health institutions, Erçin said, “A large number of AloTech customers, including global brands and large outsourcing call centers, continue their operations to “remotely” while continuing to provide uninterrupted service to their customers. In case the hospitals and health organizations struggling with COVID-19 contact AloTech, we will offer the existing infrastructure free of charge for the first 3 months for the use of call center teams.”

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About AloTech

Founded in 2012, AloTech is a technology company that provides all the call center functions as ''service'' over the internet to businesses that want to set up a call center. Unlike traditional technologies, AloTech is the world's first Google-based cloud call center, which has no investment requirements such as hardware, software, servers, and operational requirements such as maintenance, repair, licensing and upgrading, and aims to bring flexibility, cost advantage, management and ease of use. can be commissioned on site. AloTech has over 400 customers and 20,000 users on 4 continents.