The epidemic has accelerated remote working model by 10 years.

The epidemic has accelerated remote working model by 10 years.
19 March 2020

Many companies started to wort remotely with the measures taken against the coronavirus outbreak. In addition to these decisions taken to protect the health of employees and prevent the spread of the epidemic, employee productivity is also a question mark.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Measures against the coronavirus outbreak in Turkey tightens with each passing day. It is a matter of curiosity whether there will be an arrangement regarding the workplaces after the interruption of education, playing sports competitions without spectators and the restriction on common areas. Experts state that if the workplaces are closed entirely, economic problems that cannot be compensated will be encountered, while employees want to switch to the 'remote work' model for human health. Nowadays, when social isolation is vital, many companies allow their employees to work remotely, while different tools are used for job tracking and control.

“Social isolation does not mean disruptions”

Turan Can, General Manager of DeskGate, personnel monitoring and tracking software that says that employees should be in the safest places, in their homes, in situations that directly affect human and community health, such as the epidemic said, “As experts say continuously, we stay away from public areas and isolate ourselves so that the epidemic does not spread. required. Although this is not possible for some sectors, it is possible for those working in technology, software and advertising agencies suitable for mobile work by job description. At least we can minimize the consequences of the epidemic by staying in their homes in these sectors.”

Free support for local employees from domestic technology company

Stating that there is a widespread belief that working in the home environment will lead to complacency and create discipline, Turan Can said, “On the contrary, there is an increase in the performance of employees who make work from home habit and controlled by follow-up tools. Especially in this period when people are psychologically tense and feel the epidemic in every area of ​​their lives, insisting on coming to the office will be the main factor that degrades performance. At this point, as DeskGate, we open our personnel tracking and activity tracking programs to the use of companies. We have developed in Turkey and against epidemic software to support individual measures that are in use in many countries also offer free of charge. With our IT Service Remote Desktop and IT Management products, the continuity of the works can be provided regardless of location by obtaining the opportunity to interfere with computers from anywhere.”

“Many habits will change when the coronavirus outbreak ends”

Turan Can said “Although this social isolation is seen as annoying, it will cause positive changes in employer and employee habits. “The fact that people are beneficial by working from home will break some prejudices. We expect the “work independent from space” form we see in developed countries to become widespread in our country and to support this model to reduce employers' office expenses. The epidemic accelerated our transition to the working model of the future for 5 years.”

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