“Our greatest weapon against Coronavirus; strong immune system and personal hygiene”

“Our greatest weapon against Coronavirus; strong immune system and personal hygiene”
19 March 2020

In addition to the fact that there is still no treatment for the coronavirus that affects the world, keeping the immune system strong and personal hygiene is very important for protection. Experts draw attention to the importance of oral hygiene in protecting our immune system through scientific publications. Aquapick, the industry leader in 65 countries for 30 years under Samsung's Assurance, provides 100 percent hygiene in the mouth with its superior technology.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Starting in China and rapidly spreading throughout the world, corona remains at the top of the agenda. Personal hygiene stands out in order to protect against the coronavirus, the treatment of which is not yet available and causes many casualties. The virus, which affects the immune system, also reveals the importance of oral care.

It is known that the immune system can be strengthened by unprocessed food consumption, raw vegetables and fruit consumption, green leafy plants, foods containing carotene, fresh vegetables - juices, sleep patterns, exercise and plenty of daylight. Personal hygiene measures such as hand and mouth care are also of great importance in strengthening the immune system. It is necessary to avoid personal contact with other people, to wash hands frequently, to provide hygiene with cologne and disinfectants, to avoid touching the face, mouth, nose and eyes, especially after contact with foreign surfaces. In addition, it is scientifically reported that inadequate oral care has a serious negative effect on the decrease of the immune system and respiratory diseases.

Oral shower protective against respiratory pathogens

It is stated that in this process, serious attention should be paid to personal oral care to protect against the virus. It is stated that gum diseases, pneumonia, asthma, lung inflammation and pharyngitis are frequently encountered and the immune system decreases. Regular oral hygiene is important to prevent all these diseases and coronavirus. It is revealed as a result of scientific research that tooth brushing provides 30 percent hygiene in the mouth. In scientific studies conducted by Aquapick after the spread of the coronavirus, it has been determined that it provides hygiene in the mouth and respiratory tract in mouthwashes with a mouthwash that provides mouthwash and high hygiene. It has also been shown that good oral hygiene with a mouth shower provides serious protection for people who are at high risk of exposure to mouth and respiratory pathogens (disease-causing virus). It is stated that debris accumulated in the mouth and insufficient hygiene increase gum diseases and trigger respiratory diseases with the immune system.

Oral shower with 2200 beats per minute

Aquapick Turkey Research CEO Mehmet Firat Dogan stated, “Mouths shower that deep cleans teeth with the help of pressurized water emerges as a new generation hygiene practices. Aquapick supports the protection of oral health by shooting 2200 water per minute in the mouth showers with the method it has developed. With the highest pressure mouth shower in the world, patented tip structure and many proven scientific features, it provides 100 percent hygiene in the mouth by entering every point that the toothbrush cannot reach. It has been proven that the mouth shower has a much higher effect in a short time compared to the interface brush and dental floss in the doctoral thesis and scientific publications and saves the users from these difficulties. In addition, thanks to the massage effect it has made in the mouth, it has been proven that it increases blood circulation by 150 percent and stops gum bleeding and withdrawal by 98 percent at the end of the 3rd day. For this reason, the use of the mouth shower is one of the most effective methods for strengthening the immune system, preventing bacteria that are harmful to the mouth by inhalation and increasing gum diseases due to insufficient oral hygiene, prevention of dental stones, tooth loss, gingivitis and many infections.”