Courses for real estate consultants and brokers will be online and free 24/7

Courses for real estate consultants and brokers will be online and free 24/7
18 March 2020

Courses organized for real estate consultants and brokers have opened to the public at within the scope of the measures taken against the coronavirus epidemic. RE/MAX Turkey announced that all online courses will be available for free in order to support individual measures.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Measures continue to be taken against the coronavirus, which has spread to 120 countries, starting in China. The activities of public education areas such as schools and course buildings are decelerated, while the course processes are moved to digital environments to ensure that the training is not disrupted. The same measures are applied for sectoral training organized in the classroom environment. RE/MAX Turkey, the real estate consultancy company that took action in this context, announced that all online courses will be given free of charge while postponing the class training for real estate consultants and brokers until April 1, 2020. With this application, the company aims to contribute to the personal development of those staying at home in order to prevent coronavirus.

Online courses are open to anyone who wants to continue their personal development.

Stating that there is a need for individuals to continue not only their compulsory education but also their personal development, RE/MAX Turkey Country Director Murat Goldstayn said, “When the coronavirus is seen in China, Chinese people who are isolated from society in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic have continued their education through online systems. In addition to their continuing compulsory education, they also resorted to online training to continue their personal development from home. As RE/MAX Turkey, we decided to open the online courses under the umbrella of “RE/MAX Akademim” to everyone by April 1 for free, considering that this service can be useful in our country where we all need morale.”

There are 75 different courses from coaching to focus

Emphasizing that the online courses they offer through Remax Academy are also prepared for many fields other than the real estate sector, Murat Goldştayn said, “There are two different categories as both real estate training and personal development training in Remax Academy, which includes 75 macro and micro online training. All these training are included free of charge on the portal menu. Leading, Coaching, Mentoring, Emotional Intelligence Micro Training, Smart Goals Micro Training, Time Management Program (TMP) / Time Management, Working with Generations and Leading Them and Focus Training are the highlights of the training that can be utilized during this period of time at home. We expect everyone to benefit from these training with a total value of more than 6000 lire until April 1.”

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