The famous architect has undertaken a project worth 3 million euro from social media

The famous architect has undertaken a project worth 3 million euro from social media
18 March 2020

Architect Şerif Soğukbulak undertook a 3 million euro mansion project from his Instagram account. Sogukbulak and his team are preparing a mansion design and decoration for a Turkish businessman living in the Netherlands. The famous architect had also undertaken a great project from Instagram from the Prince of Qatar last year.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Architect Serif Sogukbulak undertook the interior and exterior decoration projects of a mansion built for a Dutch businessman of Turkish origin in The Hague, also known as “Den Hagg” in the Netherlands. Within the scope of the project, Sogukbulak and his team will design and prepare and export all the decoration and interior architecture applications of the magnificent mansion in Turkey.

The founder of Artstyle Architecture, Sogukbulak, stated that a Dutch citizen of Turkish origin has a follower from his Instagram account and pointed out the importance of such a large-scale project coming from social media. Sogukbulak shared the following information about the project; “The project we undertake in the Netherlands is a magnificent structure. Streams flow from both sides of the mansion. There will be transitions from a villa and villas to social areas such as indoor pool, Turkish bath, sauna and fitness room. We continue our work in line with the demands of our customers.”

“We earned 3 million euros in foreign currency to our country”

The rough construction of the mansion was commissioned by a Dutch company, he said, stressing that the materials used in all of his other works were produced in Turkey.“ We produced all the works in our factory in Turkey, from exterior to interior decorative applications and furniture except rough construction. We also made exports ourselves. Our own team designed the products and Turkish craftsmen worked in the production.”

Stating that they provided a € 3 million foreign currency entry to Turkey through their mansion project in the Netherlands, Serif Sogukbulak said, “With this project we received, we contributed 3 million euros to close the current account deficit. We will continue to contribute to the economy of our country through similar projects that we will take abroad.”

Sogukbulak explained the properties of the mansion as follows; “We paid attention to a magnificent aesthetic in the space. We do not compromise on quality and originality within the frame of our customer's demands. We focused on creating a comfortable and friendly environment in the mansion. It is possible to see unique lines in every detail from ceilings to flooring, from landscape to terrace. We have the signature of our team in every square meter and every detail of the project. ”

He had received an offer from the Prince of Qatar

Serif Sogukbulak received a proposal from the Prince of Qatar last year on his social media account and undertook the design of a magnificent place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Decorated in three months, the place had become the most frequent place to take photos.

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