The beloved cat of the screens, Zümrüt Şaziye brings aid to stray animals

The beloved cat of the screens, Zümrüt Şaziye brings aid to stray animals
13 March 2020

Known for its series and commercials in Turkey, Zümrüt Şaziye helps stray animals by selling design products on its website. Meeting the food and treatment needs of stray animals with its income, the cat has nurtured hundreds of animals to date.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The cat named Zümrüt Şaziye, who endeared himself to Turkey with his TV series and commercial films, became the face of the charity project launched by his owner Sevilay Demir for stray animals. The cat, which sells design products such as t-shirts, cups, cloth bags, bookends and bedding sets on its website, spends 20% of its income for the feeding and treatment costs of street animals. The benevolent cat has restored hundreds of animals, which it has undertaken since 2004, such as birth, surgery, and treatment. Zümrüt Şaziye used the revenues of the TV series and advertisement projects that it took place until now for the needs of stray animals.

Meets the health and food costs of 50 stray animals every day

Sevilay Demir, who meets not only the care and treatment of the animals but also their sheltering needs with the help project he started for street animals on behalf of his cat, pointed out that there are many cats and dogs waiting to be owned on the street. Demir said, “Living on the streets is very difficult and dangerous for animals that need care and love as much as people. We aim to make the chance that Şaziye has the chance for other animals on this road we set out with Zümrüt Şaziye, which was a street cat. For this, we meet the health expenses and food needs of 50 stray animals every day such as birth, surgery and drug treatment. We also regularly support Ormana Mama's establishment.”

A story of a cat stretching from the streets of Bodrum to commercials

Defining the life story of Zümrüt Şaziye, which grew up in difficult street conditions and later became the lovable face of the screens, Sevilay Demir also mentioned this story in her books and sells them for the benefit of street animals. Demir said, “Şaziye was a stray cat in Bodrum, just like dozens of cat friends. Moreover, he was struggling to survive with his offspring. When she decided to meet and own him, she came to Istanbul with me. With the influence of his photographs on social media, she became a TV star and then an advertising star. She even wrote his name on the list of famous cats with the character of Ebru, which he portrayed in the Yalan Dünya series, and 118 80 ads, of which she was a period face. In this way, she spent the income she earned for his friends on the street. Nowadays, she has set up a website consisting of design products such as t-shirts, cups, cloth bags, bookends and bedding sets, and she spends 20% of the revenue earned from his products. The more she wins, the higher the rate. This path, which Şaziye has dealt with during the youth period and afterwards, resonates in his book titled Zümrüt Şaziye Bir Pati Hikayesi.”