Turkey's best mother-baby brands were selected

Turkey's best mother-baby brands were selected
12 March 2020

At the second “Happy Mom Awards” held this year, 40 thousand mothers selected Turkey's best mother-baby brands in 20 categories.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey's largest digital / mobile pregnancy and mother-baby platform Happy Mom, held its second “Happy Mom Awards” this year. The platform, which brings together more than 1 million users from Turkey and the world with its Happy Mom and Happy Kids mobile apps, asked mothers about the best of 2019. 40,096 mothers who participated in the poll held with “The best mother-baby brands are known by the best mothers themselves!” motto, determined the best brands of Turkey in 20 different categories. Chicco, which received the most points cumulatively in all categories, was named the best mother-baby brand in Turkey by Happy Mom mothers.

The brands that have been awarded within the scope of the Happy Mom Awards 2019 are as follows:

Best Mom-Baby Brand: Chicco

The Best Diaper: Prima

Best Baby Food: Aptamil

Best Pacifier: Philips Avent

Best Feeding Bottle: Philips Avent

Best Wet Wipes: Uni Baby

Best Breast Pump: Philips Avent

Best Detergent / Softener: Uni Baby

Best Crack Cream: Mustela

Best Nipple Cream: Lansinoh

Best Rash Cream: Bepanthol

Best Kangaroo / Sling: Chicco

Best Corset: Yamuna

Best Fever Meter: Braun

Best Feeding Chair: Chicco

Best Park Bed: Kraft

Best Baby Stroller: Kraft

Best Car Seat: Kraft

Best Baby Shopping: Ebebek

Best Shopping Site: Trendyol

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