Your baby is ready for the autumn-winter season with the colorful ”Hello Baby“ coat!

Your baby is ready for the autumn-winter season with the colorful ”Hello Baby“ coat!
04 September 2018


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ISTANBUL (TR) -An indispensable friend of mother and babies; It offers colorful and anti-allergy jackets prepared by Hello Baby. Produced in 8 different colors for the autumn-winter season, the coats warm up the babies with their soft and skin-friendly fabric and at affordable prices. Thanks to its removable hood, the jackets and zippers of jackets that can be used as jackets do not cause allergic reactions to the sensitive skin of babies thanks to the free nickel coating. Hello Baby coats with 3 different sizes between 1-5 years of age,'da and 121 cities in 46 cities in the ebebek store £ 49.90 is offered for sale.

Brand: Hello Baby
Product Name: Winter Hooded Fleece Lined Baby Jacket
Color Options: Red, Fuchsia, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Navy, Salmon
Size Options: 1-5 years old
Price: 49,90 TL

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