Artificial intelligence will teach Turkish to the world

Artificial intelligence will teach Turkish to the world
10 March 2020

The increase in the number of foreigners coming to Turkey in recent years, especially students, has also increased the number of those who want to learn Turkish. With the financial support of TÜBİTAK, an education platform supported by artificial intelligence and sound technologies is being developed for teaching Turkish.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The number of people speaking Turkish languages ​​worldwide has exceeded 130 million. Spoken by about 80 million people in Turkey, Turkish ranks 20th among the most spoken languages on the basis of the number of people. Recently, particularly in Africa and senior executives of international companies that work with Turkey in order to come to Turkey for training students from Middle Eastern countries has increased the number of those who want to learn Turkish. However, despite the demands, the resources for learning Turkish in the digital environment are insufficient. The voice and artificial intelligence technologies company Sestek and Morpa, one of the pioneers of the online education sector, started to develop an artificial intelligence supported online education platform for the teaching of Turkish as a foreign language, with the financial support of TÜBİTAK.

Two R&D centers joined forces

R&D centers of Sestek and Morpa will create an interactive education platform that includes artificial intelligence technologies for foreigners who want to learn Turkish. In the project that Morpa will develop e-learning environments, Sestek will offer technology support in speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language processing and pronunciation scoring. With the training platform developed by two R&D centers, it is aimed to support Turkish learning by offering a system accessible from everywhere. In the system, where the communication activities that will enable the users to become speech and writers will also take place, the use of communication language on a socio-cultural basis with real-life examples will also be taught.

25th R&D project of Sestek supported by TÜBİTAK

Stating that new methods are developed especially for language education with new generation technologies, Sestek R&D Coordinator Tuba Arslan Kır said “Dialogue Based Artificial Intelligence technologies make great contributions by improving the user experience in education as well as in many other fields. These technologies, which enable human-machine interaction with natural language, offer users the opportunity to communicate with various systems as if they are human and start a new era in language learning. We believe that we will develop an innovative e-learning platform that will support language learning by establishing a system that can be personalized with the contributions of Morpa and with its cloud structure, with this project, which is our 25th project realized with the financial support of TÜBİTAK.”

Audio technologies benefit greatly in terms of user experience

Mentioning that language learning is a critical area that requires effort and time, Morpa Business Development Manager Emre Öğretici said that new generation technologies that facilitate the process play an important role in encouraging learning. Öğretici said, “We offer applications that focus on user experience by including current technologies in our e-learning platforms. Sound technologies supported by artificial intelligence provide great benefits in terms of user experience. In this direction, our cooperation with Sestek has been going on for a long time. We have previously used Sestek technologies in Morpa's Mathematics Assistant application. In this new project that we focus on teaching Turkish language, we also benefit from the same technologies.”

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