$ 3.5 billion worth of shopping is done via smartphones

$ 3.5 billion worth of shopping is done via smartphones
09 March 2020

Equivalent to 30 percent of the e-commerce in Turkey, $ 3.5 billion dollars worth of shopping is done via smartphones. It is aimed to prevent informality and improve consumer habits by ensuring payment security, especially in shopping on social media platforms.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - E-commerce in Turkey, estimated to exceed $ 12 billion in 2019, continues its development on many platforms. Moving to social media platforms and messaging applications as well as mobile applications and browsers, e-commerce attracts the attention of shopping enthusiasts. According to Shoplemo, an e-commerce solution reviewing JP Morgan's Global Payment Trends report, 67 percent of smartphone users state that they will use mobile payment methods in their online shopping. With the increase in smartphone penetration, e-commerce shopping from mobile is expected to increase by 40 percent in 2021.

“The downsides are shaking the trust of consumers”

Stating that social media has become a direct point of sale rather than a showcase for companies, Shoplemo Co-Founder Ahmet Rauf Doğan said, “Social media was seen as a platform where only the corporate presence was maintained and known. Currently, exchanges made directly on social media are based on mutual communication and trust. These purchases are not considered safe because they are not subject to any regulations such as distance sales contracts. In addition, these informal sales are not subject to any taxation, and the negativities experienced undermine consumers' trust in e-commerce.”

“Sales on social media are also secured”

Underlining that the three most common problems in e-commerce shopping are trust, payment and delivery, Ahmet Rauf Doğan said, “We decided to implement the Shoplemo project in 2018 by addressing the problems experienced in shopping. With the system we developed as Shoplemo, sellers can receive payments by conveying the information of the product they want to buy from any messaging application, forum or social media platform. With the payment institutions authorized by the Central Bank within the framework of the Law No. 6493, the payments are secured by the system and transferred to the seller after the buyer approves the product. Thanks to the platform, which is completely free, we aim to support those who sell products through social media platforms and to record these sales.”

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